4 Ways Small Businesses Can Adopt Technology

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Many small business owners are still shying away from the advances in technology, uncertain of how to utilize it and overwhelmed by the cost and abundance of tools at their fingertips. As customer demands evolve, technology becomes an essential tool that can give entrepreneurs an edge in today’s accelerating small business landscape. As you develop a tech adoption strategy –remember that it’s okay to take small steps, even if your vision is big. Take a look at these 4 ways small businesses can adopt technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Build better websites

Many technology professionals would be shocked to know that nearly half of U.S. small business don’t have a website. Of those with business websites, there is a lot of variety in the sophistication levels of the website and the satisfactions levels of the entrepreneurs they belong to. With the help of responsive design and working capital, you can build a website that looks good and is fully functional on a phone, tablet and traditional desktop computer.

Make better business decisions

Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of tough decisions and solve endless problems. AI can act as your advisor sorting through the piles of data produced by your business, and offer insights. Technology can expedite business decisions, such as whether or not you should adopt a new technology or enter a market. There are countless inexpensive tech hacks to reach new customers and make better business decisions.

Deliver personalized customer experiences

In order to deliver the best experiences, it’s vital to make your store more customer-friendly. Utilize technology to help you – businesses can lean on a form of Artificial Intelligence called machine learning. It takes past experiences and uses them to generate more personalized and relevant experiences for the customer. Personalized experiences are very, very important for small businesses that are known for providing customers with a more personal touch. In-house machine learning necessitates a large amount of data that many small businesses lack, but third party tools make it possible for even the smallest businesses to capitalize on the technology.

Utilize a virtual assistant

AI-powered personal assistants will work for you, doing everything from managing your calendar to scheduling your meetings. Virtual assistants are highly helpful for solopreneurs or business owners who aren’t ready to hire more people but are short on time. More business professionals are opening up to the idea of AI as the benefits become apparent. A recent survey by Forrester shows that more than 50 percent of businesses and technology professionals were thinking about implementing AI.

If you’re pondering adopting technology for your business, remember the ways your business will benefit. Think about the ROI you’d expect to merit and the costs associated with it. Look at how your business will stand out by having the ability to offer your customers niche products. In a world that is growing more automated by the minute, customers will always crave that personal touch only small businesses can offer.

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