Dell Announces A New and Updated Commercial PC Portfolio

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For more than three decades, Dell has paved the way for personal computer innovations. The PC stalwart continues to set the pace for introducing new technologies, as evident by the recent announcement the company made about the unveiling of a new line of commercial personal computers.

Dell recently announced the upgrading of endpoint security protections to ensure users enjoy the most secure commercial PCs offered by any PC manufacturer. The new Dell Precision mobile workstations provide users with a smaller, lighter mobile workstation that enables workloads previously not possible with other personal computers. Dell has refreshed the Latitude line of Laptop Deals to boost productivity, while introducing cutting edge security features.If you ask any laptop lover what he thinks while buying a laptop, he/she will tell you the within their budget. It is not hard now for laptops under 600 with best performance, looks and configuration.

Here are the new commercial PCs in the Dell portfolio:

  • Precision 7730
  • Precision 7530
  • OptiPlex

OptiPlex personal computers feature a 27-inch Ultra HD no glare screen. Every new addition to the Dell commercial PC family includes Data Guardian and Data Encryption security features that offer users the most secure data protection available for any commercial PC.

As President of Client Product Group, Dell, Jay Parker emphasizes the user friendly features of the new suite of Dell commercial PCs. “For many of our customers, work is no longer a place they go; it’s an activity, And smart companies that want to attract and keep the best talent have embraced the evolving needs and expectations of their employees. IT departments are working with Dell to build a technology strategy that gives employees the power and flexibility to get their jobs done, whenever and wherever it best fits their lifestyle, while keeping data secure and TCO low.”

Throughout the world of business, leaders carefully balance two objectives: ensuring businesses prevent security breaches and harnessing the amazing power of new technology innovations that include machine learning and artificial intelligence. Dell’s primary mission is to work with companies to achieve both technology goals.

It Starts with Data Protection

Contemporary computer security measures involve the implementation of strategies that protect data stored on hard drives and sent digitally all over the world. Dell leads the way for securing data at what the company calls “at rest,” as well as data “in flight.” Dell’s comprehensive array of innovative security hardware includes a strong supply chain assurance programs that are derived from the best computer security techniques. As the leader in offering proven ways to protect data, Dell ensures every hardware component seamlessly works together from the point of assembly to when customers use data management software to store and protect data.

The announcement in late April of Dell’s research mentioned the new Data Guardian security protocol. Data Guardian controls data and enforces security measures well beyond customer networks. The new data protection system also protects a large number of file types that include in-house designed file systems. Data Guardian prevents unwanted intrusions into common files such as PDF files as well. Users set access restrictions and Data Guardian does the rest of the data security work.

The Power of Dell Precision Workstations

Dell’s announcement demonstrates the company’s commitment to introducing new products and services through a logical sequential process. Without cutting edge data security measures in place, Dell’s new Precision workstations might not have received the widespread praise the system has garnered over the past few weeks. Five out of the last seven visual effects awards handed out at the Oscars were given to graphic design artists who used Dell Precision workstations to work their creative magic. Dell has designed the portable new Precision workstations to be smaller and lighter. The Precision 7730 and 7530 workstation models generate industry leading results with the help of the most advanced eighth generation Xeon and Intel Core microprocessors.

A New Office Attitude with Dell Latitude Laptops

Dell has redesigned the Latitude laptop lineup to boost productivity everywhere busy professionals travel. The size of the chassis inside the Latitude 5491 and 5591 has decreased in size by 30% over the last three product generations. Dell’s announcement stressed the improved power of the latest generation of Latitudes, with users benefiting from up to 19 hours of battery life. Users enjoy unsurpassed power and connectivity that help them get through multiple meetings and cross country airline flights.

Dell made it clear in the late April company announcement the successful introduction of the latest innovations depends on every customer getting the most out of new investments in technology. Dell offers an extensive list of customer support and product deployment services. By using the ProDeploy Client Suite, customers have access to Dell experts who help plan and manage technology upgrade projects for companies operating across the industry spectrum. Dell strives to deploy up to 35% faster when customers choose ProDeploy and ProDeploy Plus.

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