At the “Dell in Brooklyn 2018” event, Ramon Ray, editor of Smart Hustle Magazine, speaks with an “A-list” of business owners to get their advice on the power of technology in their businesses. Watch this short, 4 minute video to learn 7 different perspectives which will give you ideas and inspiration on using tech in your own business.

Watch the interview and see the list of tips and “A-list” interviewees below

Brittney Winbush, CEO –  Alexandra Winbush – @voguebritt (Candle’s, tea’s and more)
Technology is how I reach my audience and deliver products to consumers and share my brand.

Gina Noy , President – Noy Tax – @gina_tax
Evaluate your technology needs, evolve, and be consistent.

Rachel Tipograph, Founder and CEO – Mik Mak – @racheltipograph or @mikmaktv
AI will replace a lot of day-to-day minutia. Look for skills to supplement AI.

Rob Walsh – Frm, NYC Commissioner of the Dept of Small Business Services
Technology plays an even greater role these days as we put our cities together.

Basha Rubin, CEO & Founder – Priori Legal – @priorilegal
Technology will be a rising tide in the law industry.

Stacey Moeller – Tiny Acre Farms
Technology is crucial to business, especially when trying to connect with your target customer.

Rahem Fagiri, CEO – – @AptDeco
We use technology on the back end to help coordinate logistics, optimize workflows and control costs.