3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Small Business Communications

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In your home, a little spring cleaning can go a long way to freshening up your space. While it’s easy to neglect some of these irregular maintenance tasks, hiring Commercial Building Maintenance Services and commercial power washing services can make sure that things don’t get out of hand.

This principle is not limited to your home. Spring cleaning your small business can be an essential way to keep your systems optimized and your processes functioning smoothly. Repairs are an important part of keeping your home and work space functioning properly, this home maintenance company can be of service for anybody who many need help with maintenance.

Want to improve your business communications? These three spring cleaning tips are a great place to start.

  1. Appear Polished and Professional to Phone Callers

Just because you’re running a small business, that doesn’t mean you can’t sound like a big business. We’ve previously explained some ways you can use your CRM to give the appearance that you’re a big deal, but your communications systems need to be on point too.

Whatever unified communications system you use, make sure it’s a reliable service and a high-quality line that provides clear audio for customers.

Next, implement advanced functions such as setting your business hours and holiday hours so that your customers are immediately aware if your business is closed. After all, it would be very unprofessional if customers showed up to your workplace only to find that you were already closed for the day or were on vacation.

Additionally, many phone systems now offer automated answering services included with their business phone service. These virtual receptionist tools can add a personal touch that helps callers connect with the employee that they’re trying to reach. You can also use these systems as messaging machines to provide easy ways for customers to hear about product updates, pop-up events, discounts, and weather closings. With a virtual receptionist, “someone” is there 24/7 to answer your calls and provide helpful information.

  1. Use Advanced Telephone Functions to Help Connect Customers to Employees

We get it: it’s tough to provide the level of customer service that’s necessary for business growth and customer retention. However, in the face of the ongoing challenge of providing top-caliber support with a limited staff, consider how your communications technology can work to your advantage with the use of a  das integrator.

For example, telephone features such as ring groups let you group your employees’ phone numbers together into categories such as sales, accounting, etc. By using the simultaneous ring function, incoming callers can connect with any employee in the accounting department when they want to pay their bill. By reducing a caller’s dependency upon the availability of a single employee, communications processes can be smoother and more efficient.

Ring group functions can also offer a sequential call setting. When using sequential ring groups, incoming callers will be routed through a series of phone numbers until someone picks up. Therefore, if someone on your sales team can’t answer an incoming call, that caller can be seamlessly redirected to the receptionist who can field questions or take a message.

Smart telephone systems can help callers connect with people instead of answering machines. Keep in mind that some telephone services also offer a free calling app with their service so employees have mobility tools to make and receive calls on their work line while they’re out of the office on a sales trip, making a delivery, or working from home.

  1. Assess Your Phone Plan, and Stop Paying for What You Don’t Use

When you signed up for your business phone service, you may have been unsure of how your business would develop or evolve. Thus, you may be paying for add-on features that you don’t really need.

Just as spring cleaning your home would involve cleaning out your closets, a communications audit is a great way to cut costs on extra expenses that you don’t need. Growing your business’ profitability can be challenging and cutting extraneous costs is an easy way to add to your bottom line.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone plans typically include a wide set of calling features for one low price. Lot of generous carriers offer good deals on VoIP calls in addition to offering Military & Veterans Cell Phone Discounts as their way of saying thanks to the heroes. That way, if you need a conference bridge one month, you won’t end up paying for the add-on feature until you remember to cancel it. With VoIP, it’s easy to get smart about your communications costs.

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Ken Narita’s marketing career spans two decades helping businesses large and small grow. Whether it’s been advising emerging startups, guiding clients from the agency side, or currently, leading SMB marketing at Ooma, Ken has always taken an empathetic approach to addressing goals, gaps, and opportunities. Previously at TriNet, from 2011 to 2017, he grew and led the revenue marketing team through a period of rapid change and growth where net service revenue consistently grew in a range of 15-20% per year and reached $650 million at the end of his tenure. Ken has led demand generation, field marketing, customer marketing, and marketing operations teams and enjoys the ability to integrate campaigns across all functions to drive results.

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