Dear Amazon Thanks For Boosting Business Ownership – Amazon Delivery Is Open for Small Business

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Amazon is opening up its delivery service for enterprising professionals. Now, as long as drivers meet the qualifications, they can drive around all day and make money while delivering packages to doorsteps, reception desks, package lockers, and pretty much anywhere else Amazon packages are delivered.

There’s few other companies who can add value to an economy like Amazon can. What other company can make such a clear proposition:

  • Invest from $10,000 and up
  • Earn $1 million or more and $75k or more in profit
  • Take Amazon training, use Amazon vehicles, use Amazon insurance and more
  • You hire great people and manage them
  • Amazon will be your biggest (and only) client

Amazon has ushered in a new chapter in American’s business ownership. Less risk than a franchise, almost guaranteed customer base from day one and a powerful technology back end.

Want to start – visit Amazon’s website here –

The most important thing for business owners who want to work with Amazon, appears to be ensuring you can hire good people and motivate them. Secondly be able to coordinate and run your business. Everything else, Amazon takes care of.

Seems like a great opportunity for a young person who has some cash or an older person looking for a new opportunity.

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Ramon Ray, founder and editor Smart Hustle Magazine. Entrepreneur, best selling author and global keynote speaker.