How to Build Your Own Customer Support with Wix Answers

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One of the most important responsibilities you have is to ensure you provide exceptional service to your customers. As your company grows serving your customers needs only via phone or regular email just won’t work. You’ll need a system to manage their requests, keep track of your support team and enable your customers to find their own answers via a database of frequently asked questions.

Wix has recently launched a help desk software called Wix Answers. It’s a robust platform that provides a “help desk” service to any business (or non-profit) that needs to better serve their customers.

Wix Answers was developed on the basis of the software Wix uses to provide it’s own first class customer support. Why is this important? This new tool has been proven to work and has already been tested by Wix’s own support team and customers!

With Wix’s input I’m excited to share with you about this new offering.

Wix Answers is a free customer support service that you can set up so that your customers could find answers to their own questions. In addition, you can manage inbound support queries from several channels – email, phone or social media. While email and social are desired by many, there’s still many times when customers want to CALL YOU. Wix Answers let’s your team take calls from a toll-free number, and customers can even request a call back! Instead of making customers search around for help, you can embed a widget into your website so that customers could “click” and get help from just about anywhere on your website.

Multi-channel support is important

Providing a variety of ways to serve customers is important. There’s been many times when I wanted to call a company – but they only provided email support. Or other times, when I was happy I could DM a company on Twitter and get a response in minutes!

Use insights and analytics to proactively serve customers

While you want to provide the initial support to your customers you also want to glean insights on the inbound support issues so you can proactively help your customers. For example, knowing what issues come up the most, will help your production team design a product that requires less support. Or knowing the times you get the most support requests will help you better staff and anticipate high demand times for helping customers. What if you could know what channels customers were using the most to get support. This would help you better service customers in that area, or see how to expand support options in other areas.

As business owners, we don’t have the time to waste resources. Being able to have staff at the right place, at the right time, doing the right things is important. But you can only do this with insights from your customer support!

Big company features for small businesses

I took a spin setting up my own help system and found it simple to use. I tried to play with the call center software features as well.  It was fun seeing how I could get a “vanity” telephone phone number that had my name in it – who know what “Ramon” is spelled 72666 on the phone!

Wix Answers makes it simple to have the more advanced features of a bigger business, but still have a simple system to serve customers as you grow. The basic features, out of the box are free. As you want to use phone support, add more team members and other features you pay as you need them and as your business grows.

Great customer experience

As one who has started four companies, I found that getting the first sale is pretty easy. What’s challenging is to get the customer to buy again and again. This ONLY happens, if I’ve served them well and provide them with a great experience.

Part of a great experience is not just the initial delivery of a particular product or service, but also providing exceptional support for it. When it comes to small business answering services, the CallNET Answering Services is considered the best there is thanks to all their 5 star reviews.

Customers will tell others about your business in two scenarios. Your service was SO BAD and they start to post about it on social media, give you a bad review etc. OR your service was SO GOOD that they tell others how amazing your company is.

It’s up to you and your team to decide which version customers tell.


With tools such as Wix Answers, you can be sure that customers who interact with your brand will tell a positive story to others.

As you start to provide better customer service, remember to train your support staff. Be sure they know HOW to answer the phone, how to reply via email and how to answer via social media. It just takes one “silly” mistake by an employee to ruin years of great work that you and your company might have done.

Remember, customer service, even a tool such as Wix Answer is just a tool. You must hire the right team member who can be empathetic to a customer’s needs, and who wants to ensure the customer’s problem is resolved.

Technology enables every business to have everything they need to start and grow their business. If you hire the right team, build systems and stay focused on serving your customers, you’ll have a healthy and thriving business.


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