Internet Down? Try a Satellite Connection

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When it comes to doing business, the Internet is vital. And, when it goes down, panic usually sets in. Currently, Internet subscribers are at the mercy of their providers and there is nothing that can be done to remedy the situation. But, things have changed. Hughes Network Systems has created a solution that will keep the Internet going strong, even during those unexpected and unwanted outages. The best way to prevent your internet from going out constantly is by changing to new internet providers so that way you can unlimited internet for your business.

Hughes Network Systems provides broadband satellite service for business and residential customers. Their Internet services reach the people who are unable to connect via cable and phone lines. Their Internet service, known as HughesNet, serves more than 1.2 million customers. They also have a program called HughesON, which uses satellite and traditional methods to keep large businesses and government entities connected at all times.

Hughes Network Systems has a new program they call HughesNet Internet Continuity that can fill the void that Internet outages bring. By subscribing to this program, Internet users will be able to access satellite Internet when the terrestrial options go down. Then, when the terrestrial Internet is running again, the satellite Internet stops. This is a must-have service for any business that relies on the Internet for productivity and sales. It can be used by residential and business customers who rely on cable, fiber, or DSL Internet.

Residential and business Internet users usually do not subscribe to satellite Internet as their first choice, simply because the cost is prohibitive. Terrestrial Internet like fiber optic internet is much more affordable for those who have it readily available.

Most who rely on terrestrial Internet know that outages happen. Those outages can be weather-related and they can be caused by equipment problems and hardware degradation. Because HughesNet does not rely on those terrestrial lines, it can provide this useful automatic backup system.

Business is able to keep moving because of the way the backup system is set up by HughesNet. It uses a Wi-Fi modem, an antenna, and radio, along with the best cable modem router combo to switch back and forth between the terrestrial and satellite service. The backup equipment can be purchased or leased. It should be professionally installed. Businesses can keep swiping credit cards and making sales using the HughesNet Failover Router, as long as the power is still running the router.

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