Microsoft Surface Go: Is It A Fit For Your Business?

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With a starting price of $399, the Microsoft Surface Go represents the most affordable personal computer available in the popular Surface family of tablets. At a price that is nearly half of what the cheapest Surface tablet alternative cost, Microsoft has created an affordable computing option for small businesses that operate on tight budgets. Access to Microsoft Office applications helps small business owners manage finances and coordinate communications with vendors and customers. Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, Panos Panay, wrote in a Microsoft blog the goal of the Surface Pro is to deliver computing services that are “lightweight, productive, and accessible to more people.”

For $399, small business operators enjoy a stylishly designed tablet that comes with a Surface Go Signature Type Cover, with four color options to match virtually any work or home office decor. A built-in kickstand allows you to work from everywhere, which makes the tablet ideal for small business owners that travel to visit with clients. The full friction hinge extends the tablet to 165 degrees. Microsoft offers costlier versions of the Surface Pro that provide more RAM and storage capacity.

Best Features of the Microsoft Surface Pro

The 12.3-inch high density screen is standard for all versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Pixel density runs 2,736 by 1,824, which is higher than average for other styles of tablets. The Intel Core i5 processor ramps up processing speeds as high as two times that the Surface Pro 3 delivers. Using Microsoft Windows 10 opens up the full desktop version of Microsoft Office, as well as Flash and Java features.

A full size USB 3.0 portal, microSD slot, and Mini Display Port offer optimal connection flexibility to most high definition televisions. The most recent edition of the Microsoft Surface Pro includes Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Front facing speakers make it easier to hear music and work-related presentations. Battery life has increased by 50% over the last Surface Pro model released by Microsoft.


As with the Surface Pro, users must pay for accessories to enhance the performance of the Surface Go. The Type Cover starts at $99, with the highest price at $129. A mobile mouse adds $34.99 to the final bill. Other accessories that cost extra include headphones and the installation of additional ports.

Is the Surface Go Good for Small Business Use?

The Microsoft Surface Go receives positive reviews from customers that use the tablet for personal functions. How does the tablet stack up against the competition for small business use? Access to the microsoft office professional plus 2019 product key is a bonus for small business operators.  Dan Ackerman of CNET wrote, “In person, during a brief hands-on demo session, the 1.15-pound Surface Go felt like it hit a sweet spot between design and functionality.”


  • Longer than average battery lifespan
  • Much quieter cooling system
  • Lightweight design
  • Seventh generation Intel processor


  • Cost of accessories
  • Some operating bugs
  • Keyboard discomfort for extend periods of typing

The Bottom Line

With power lacking and slower than average operating performance, the Microsoft Surface Pro might not be compatible for business owners that operate multiple units. Although Office is an excellent business productivity tool, the software does not link with POS systems to provide real time financial data updates. Microsoft Surface Go is for small businesses that use Microsoft designed apps, but do not want to fork over the cash for more powerful and expensive tablets.

-Authored by Don Potochny, Reporter,

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