Want A Smarter Business? SAP’s Business ByDesign 1808 Gets Upgraded to Help

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In business, don’t you sometimes wish you could see around corners and know what’s coming before it gets to you? Growing companies are investing in the tools and technologies to leverage the massive amounts of historical data they have, to predict what’s happening in the future.

Today SAP announced the launch of Business ByDesign 1808 to help growing businesses after faster and smarter.

The information that companies gain through the built-in analytical capabilities can be combined with the advanced predictive capabilities, powered by ERP solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

Use case: Optimize delivery performance, avoid delays

Traditionally, SAP customers would use the ‘On-time-in-full’ report, which provides information into which sales orders have been delayed either in partial or full quantity. We would drill-down, making use of the multi-dimensional analysis pattern and try to find the common factors.

In the current release, customers can access the relevant data within SAC and run smart Insights to identify key drivers regarding any delays. For example, is it happening with specific customers, sales agents, or simply with orders placed on a particular day of the week? 

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Ramon Ray, founder and editor Smart Hustle Magazine. Entrepreneur, best selling author and global keynote speaker.