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Love podcasts? So do we!

As a small business owner or someone who is looking to soon become one, you often feel alone in this new world. You may feel like you are throwing yourself into the lion’s den with no guidance. Guess again, friends, because there are plenty of people who have made it through the exact place you’re currently in! Not only are you not alone in this, but many podcasters have great insight into this world and what it takes to navigate through. In honor of National Podcast Day, here are five podcasts we love for those who are getting started in the business world.

  1.   So Money – Farnoosh Torabi started this podcast as a way to help empower young adults and to help them figure out how to balance life with getting into the business world. Her primary goal was to help them understand their money woes. As her life and experiences morphed and grew in different directions, Farnoosh allowed her podcast and advice to grow with it. She went on to discuss career changes and growth, family balance, and newfound money woes, maturing her conversation to a growing audience that was following her advice through these same struggles as well. Guests on her podcast do not shy away from fearful topics. No issue is left alone as they discuss the good, the bad, and the bitter ugly that exists in entrepreneurship.

Episode to try 750: Ashley Feinstein Gerstley – teaching young women about their worth, wealth, and money.

  1.   The Side Hustle Show – This podcast focuses on how to earn money on the side. This really just means for anyone looking to supplement their income or as a means to slowly get out of the corporate world. Nick Loper really focuses this podcast on how to get your financial situation where you want it and out of the depths of debt. Nick basically goes to show that anyone is capable of having a productive side hustle, no matter the reasoning behind the leap of faith. Whether the side gig is for fun, fixing finances, or rebellion against the corporate world, Nick walks you through what it takes to make the balance needed for a successful side hustle.

Episode to try Episode 267: The Hustler’s Mindset – The 10 traits of successful side hustle entrepreneurs  

  1.   GirlBoss Radio – The GirlBoss herself, ‎Sophia Amoruso, started this podcast to feature successful women who have found their success in various ways in the business world. The podcast sets out to empower young women with the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to plan and succeed in their futures. They want to move the idea of female dependence into the past. The women behind the podcast have real conversations about the issues that are brought up along the way. They promote inclusiveness, vulnerability, and curiosity among other qualities that produce a well rounded and welcoming podcast for all to learn from.

Episode to try Success isn’t a Straight Line According to Away Cofounder Jen Ribio

  1.   The Fairer Cents – The girls behind this podcast get straight to the point and don’t hold back. Here, money issues that are unique to women in the business world are discussed openly and freely. These ladies aren’t afraid to ‘stick it to the man’ and really dive deep into issues that have plagued women in the workplace for decades. They speak with the underdogs of this world who fight this money battles each and every day to try to get a better grasp on how to fight back and open the eyes of the old boys’ clubs we all know about. By doing this, they address how to get a step ahead and how to overcome the obstacles to end up on top. These women kick butt and take names, but all while addressing concerns than female business owners will experience at some point.  

Episode to try Episode #13: Taking Action to Create Change

  1.   Afford Anything – Two great friends, Paula and Jay, join forces on this podcast to bring two very different perspectives to the discussion of entrepreneurship and money. They lead very different lives but have similar goals and ideas about life in general. The topics of conversation cover how people from all walks of life may experience very similar trials and hardships along the way to success. Guest speakers add to this diversity and inclusivity, showing listeners that success is truly what you make of what you’re dealt.  

Episode to try Episode #151: Ask Paula – “I feel like I don’t deserve my success. What should I do?”


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