Apple’s New Product Lines. What’s In It for Small Business?

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If you have a recent iPhone or Android, bought in the past year or two, you don’t NEED to get Apple’s iPhone. Most likely it’s got enough processing power, storage and a great camera.

Apple’s new line of smartphones, iPhone Xs, XsMax and Xr are nice – for sure. They’re bigger than previous iPhones, faster and more camera features.

However, if you smartphone is old and you know the camera doesn’t take pictures as good as your friends who take better photos OR it’s very sluggish, then sure it’s time to get a new one.

There’s two reasons why you might want to get one, if you’re a business owner.

Video and imagery are EVERYTHING.

If you, and you should, want to bolster your strategy for digital marketing by creating more and better videos, and your old iPhone is not taking great pictures – get a new one. However, my guess is that the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 take pretty good photos like many good mobile phones in the market – good enough for Instagram and etc.

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Having said that if you want the latest features, the crispest photos, then the newer iPhones might be best for you. Especially if you’re in the fashion, food, sports or real estate industries – where visuals matter even more.

Also, if you just LOVE playing games, having cool selfies and AR then consider a new iPhone.

Finally, if you’re running your business on apps, like lots of apps, as I do, the bigger screen might be more convenient for you.

The new Apple Watch – is nice. However, I don’t think its worth the upgrade, UNLESS you are VERY health conscientious and are going to use it to measure your heart activity with it’s new ECG reader and more. If you’re a fitness warrior the new Apple Watch could be a nice toy to get.

Overall today’s Apple announcement doesn’t make me want to RUN to the store and be first in line – but that’s because my technology is “good enough”. However, if you have OLD Apple technology or you want to push the limits of “new”, then go for it.

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