Drag: Google Chrome Email Extension Aids In Task Productivity

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At Small Biz Technology, we are always on the hunt for apps that increase productivity without increasing stress. The apps we preview need to meet some strict criteria. They need to have intuitive design, a low price, and easy integration. This app met all of our criteria and we are excited to share it with you.

Drag is a Chrome Extension that works with Gmail. When you add this extension to Chrome, it turns your Gmail into a “Trello-like” board or a Kanban board where you can add tasks for teams to manage. When you use Drag, you and your team does not have to leave the Inbox to work on activities. You can invite people to projects and boards so you can be productive together.

What are productivity boards?

Kanban boards are productivity boards that were first used by developers with Toyota. These visual boards have categories with tasks placed on cards. When someone begins working on a task or accomplishes the task, the card is moved to the appropriate category. Drag is an easy-to-use extension that takes the kanban board to Gmail. Like Kanban boards, Drag can have several categories, customized by the users. The extension can also have as many tasks and columns as needed.

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Does it have a low price?

Drag is an affordable option for Gmail users. Drag offers low prices for individuals and for teams. The prices are significantly lower than Trello, which requires businesses to pay for every team member that uses the app. Drag has one low price – well under $1 per day – for the entire team.

What features come with the app?

Drag is still being developed, but the current features are useful. The solo and team versions all come with unlimited boards and columns with both a list and Kanban view. Drag uses a drag-n-drop tool that lets users sort emails and tasks efficiently. The team version includes shared versions of the tools that the solo version has, including an inbox, checklists, notes (so you don’t need a separate notes app), and due dates. Both versions integrate with Google Calendar. Upcoming features include color coding, column automation, centralized billing, and email filters, just to name a few.

Is it intuitive and does it integrate?

Drag’s intuitive design makes it incredibly easy to learn. It only takes seconds for Gmail to convert into boards, but it does not take away any of the features that make Gmail the most popular email service on the planet. The boards are easy to create and they are easy to assign to shared users. The best part is that when you use Drag with your Gmail app, you do not have to move in and cheap viagra 100mg tablets out of Gmail to get work done. Many Drag users create boards that satisfy CRM tasks, Help Desk tasks, and project management tasks. Just imagine how useful it is to stay in one app and not have to have several tabs open at one time.

Drag has over 30,000 users who rave about how easy it is to organize their inboxes. As it is a new app, there will be bugs, but the developers pay attention to users’ requests and feedback to better the app. The app has been featured on several websites as a top Google extension. You can try Drag with a 14-day trial. We think you will love it as much as we do.


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