How A Beauty Company Keeps Its Tech Edge – CTO Interview. Outsource and Get Expert Help.

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One of Matthew Linde’s key to success is to ensure he outsources as much as he can to other companies who are experts in technology. Matt said in recent interview he knows he doesn’t know everything and he’s not afraid to ask for help. In fact he welcomes it.

As the head of technology at makeup company Beauty Blender he’s got a lot of ladies relying on him to enhance their beauty with Beauty Blender’s iconic makeup sponge applicator.

As Beauty Blender was growing they were in a CRUNCH.

Systems weren’t talking to each other and they had to manually export and import records between databases. That’s when Matthew knew there had to be a better way, so he upgraded to NetSuite, which brought his systems together in one cohesive platform.

Matthew also shared that one of the key’s to success of Beauty Blender is that “everyone” is involved.

I thought Mathew was just the “IT Guy” but explained that he knows a lot about beauty and makeup and in fact at events and trade shows he works the booth and helps out as well. At home, with two daughters, he’s the resident makeup expert.

Beauty Blender was founded by Rea Ann Silva, a sought after Hollywood makeup artist, after she saw a need to have a makeup applicator that produced flawless results when HD TV was first coming up.

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Check out our interview below.

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