Kapersky’s New Solution for Small Business Security

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As small business owners are busy with the everyday tasks of running their companies, they often neglect Internet security. Small business owners are too busy working on increasing customers and growing their businesses. To do this, small business owners often use social media to communicate with their customers. This is where security becomes important, especially when small business owners access the Internet away from their home offices. However, having the proper security for your business doesn’t only mean protecting your data, you should also consider your business’s physical location and how a security guard can help protect.

Protect your business from cyber attacks

As you grow your business, it is important to find a local IT consultant who specializes in security. But, before you commit to one, there are a few things that you can do to protect your business from cyber attacks:

  1. Use complex passwords that are not easy to predict.
  2. Change your passwords on a regular basis, like on the 10th of every month.
  3. Use different passwords for each account.
  4. Hire employees that you trust.
  5. Be alert to unusual activity on your accounts.
  6. Only use private WiFi for sensitive transactions.

Secure your computers and data

Small business owners should secure their computers, data, and financial information from potential cybercrime. One place small business owners can turn is Kaspersky Lab and their new Kaspersky Small Office Security solution. This easy solution offers several features that small business owners appreciate. They include:

  • Protection against crypto-miners and ransomware that can invade servers
  • Support for Microsoft Windows during updates and reboots
  • Updated notifications for product alerts, so customers have fewer interruptions
  • Upgraded console that is easier to use than previous versions

Are you protected?

According to Kaspersky Lab, nearly one-third of small businesses, especially those with 50 or fewer employees are not properly protected from cybercrimes. This gives cybercriminals a relatively good chance of attacking vulnerable businesses. Those businesses without proper security often rely on an employee to provide the security, even though the employee may not have any training in cybersecurity.

Those small businesses without cyber-protection no longer need to worry, because Kaspersky Small Office Security offers an affordable option for businesses with five to 50 employees. Along with providing outstanding security against the latest types of cybercrimes like crypto-mining and ransomware, it also keeps businesses safe while employees are surfing the net. Small businesses can trust that they will not become victims of phishing and spamming through private browsing features. Kaspersky also included a feature they call “Safe Money” that keeps financial transactions safe while making payments online.

About Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab provides cybersecurity on a global scale and they have been doing that for over 20 years. The company has a portfolio that includes over 400 million users and 270,000 businesses. Kaspersky Lab provides sophisticated services that are constantly evolving against digital threats for businesses of all sizes.


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