Success Starts With the Right Team

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As you plan your new business, no matter the service or product that you offer, your most important task is assembling your team. By determining the necessary key departments and choosing the best people, your business has the chance to thrive, because each component needed for your success is covered. Neglecting even one of these parts has the potential to have a devastating impact on your business’ future. Some of the key areas to consider are marketing, customer service, human resources, accounting, and operations management. Each of these departments touches upon a separate component but ultimately brings the entire organization together, like spokes on a wheel.

You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Imagine a company without anyone to run it. Picture a counter without anyone to help the customer. Every position has a powerful impact on what happens within a company. It all starts with the marketing department. This is the component that brings your customers in the door interested in what you have to offer. Once the client is at the door your customer service kicks in.

Customer service, which usually falls squarely on the shoulders of your employees, can make or break your business just by how they represent you to your clients. Where do you get those valuable employees?

The human relations officer hires, monitors, and meets the needs of the employees who represent your company. This department recruits the right candidates and then ensures they are happy and that their needs are being met so they remain loyal to your company’s policies and goals.

The finance officer runs the accounting department that handles all of the receivables and payables that keep the flow of money pumping throughout the company, which literally is the life-blood. This department makes sure payroll is available as well as the capital to keep the business running.

The role of the operations manager in an organization holds all of these positions together and keeps them accountable. This position ensures that all of the other departments are running smoothly and effectively.

You Can Do It All

So what if your company isn’t that big or you are strictly an online operation? What if you are the only person running your business and there aren’t any other employees? Well, those roles still need to be filled. Whether it’s you, putting on a different hat for each position, or hiring a full staff, those positions must be met. If it’s just you, then

  • Get your name out there and promote your business.
  • You are the face and voice of your company.
  • Ensure you provide adequate health care and time off for your needs.
  • Handle the receipts and pay the bills, as well as your own salary.
  • Stand back and watch all of the pieces working together as you operate your business and giving each position its necessary time and energy by appropriately splitting your time.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, whatever the size or nature of your business. As you plan and go forward, assess your needs and what you want to handle yourself or hire someone else to take over for you. As your business grows, who handles these positions can change and adapt to your success, but the need for them never goes away. Plan accordingly, putting each piece into place and build the perfect team to fit your needs.

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