The Value of Entrepreneurship: Former Firefighter Shares Why He Became an Entrepreneur

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At the Facebook community event, Ramon had the pleasure of catching up with Chevalo Wilson De Briano, owner of Charleston Gourmet Burgers. At the event, the discussed the value of entrepreneurship and how Chevalo’s former career shifted from saving lives to serving others in a completely new and different way.

Introducing Chevalo Wilson De Briano

Chevalo is the owner of Charleston Gourmet Burgers. He was a first responder to 9/11 and continued to be a firefighter for many years after 2011 serving New York City. Chevalo served the community and truly enjoyed doing so. “I loved it, I saved lives. I was a paramedic, I loved it,” Chevalo praised his time with the New York Fire Department. Chevalo saved lives and lived a fulfilling, purpose-driven life, yet he wished he had become an entrepreneur sooner. Sure, there was the thrill of adrenaline running into danger to help others, but there was something missing. There was also the promise of a paycheck at the end of every pay period along with a comfortable pension that allowed Chevalo to relax and know that he had what he needed for him and his family to survive. After a certain point, Chevalo knew it was time to go after his dreams.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset

In becoming an entrepreneur, you are opening your world up to a vast new set of possibilities. You are realizing that there are options out there for business that you never thought of before, and you are opening yourself up to those options and the potential for growth in your brand. Chevalo says,

“When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to reinvent yourself every single day. You have to come up with new ideas.”  

This is the type of creativity that Chevalo says he was longing for and missing in his previous career as a firefighter. He says in entrepreneurship, you use parts of your brain that you never had to use before. The daily hustle to build business and to grow as an entrepreneur is what gets Chevalo going. You can also visit for better information.

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“If I would have known about being how exciting being an entrepreneur could be, I would have started it earlier.”

With Great Risk, There is Great Reward

While taking the leap into entrepreneurship and starting a business may seem like a rewarding new start, it doesn’t come without its fair share of risks. As Ramon says, “it’s not all roses and good things”. You have to understand what you are getting into before diving in with your whole heart. You will struggle, and there will be tough days, that’s a given. But, you must ask yourself if the struggle is worth the reward.

“Being an entrepreneur does not mean you’re going to become a millionaire right away.”

Starting your own business does not and will not make you an overnight sensation, millionaire, or success. As Ramon says, “most of the time people {become entrepreneurs} to do it for the passion and the love of serving others.” It takes work, passion, and willpower just to get through the first few months (or years) before you begin to see the fruits of your labor. Sure you could get lucky and have a very successful start, but you shouldn’t bank on that when getting started.

Odds are you are going to start a business you are passionate about, one that you want to see helping others in some way, shape, or form. If this is truly your heart’s desire, then your ultimate reward will be in your outreach and service. Your struggle will be worth it, and you’ll be happy in your entrepreneurship.

So, the value of entrepreneurship? Helping others, being creative, and seeing your hard work pay off, it’s that simple.

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