GoDaddy Exec Says It’s Not Too Late For Businesses To Capture Last Minute Holiday Revenue

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Looking for last minute holiday revenue? Stay tuned: In this holiday interview, Ramon Ray discusses some tips business owners can use to capture last minute shopping dollars this holiday season, with GoDaddy VP of Marketing Melissa Schneider. Listen to our interview and read the notes below!

It’s Not Too Late to Sell Online

Melissa said that there are many last minute shoppers who are looking for the perfect gift.

As I type this, I still have not bought a gift for my wife!

If you go to any mall you’ll find what looks like a beehive of shoppers who are scrambling to buy, at the last minute. These could be your customers.

It’s so important to remind your current customers that you are there for them and have a solution to their needs. Sure, try to get new customers, but CURRENT customers already know, like and trust you!

Be it via social media, email marketing or otherwise – remind your customers of your solution. Consider making a special “holiday” offer.

Seth Godin talks about “tension” in his latest book, “This is Marketing“. Melissa and I discussed that even though there’s only a few days before Christmas, take advantage (in a good way) of the tension your customers have and you can snag some last minute sales for your business.

Help Your Customers

Don’t have an attitude of “how can I get” from your customers, but instead think, how can you serve them.

You’ll find that most successful marketers put the customer first and convey how their solution can help the customer.

Beyond Online Sales

While it seems that online sales get the lion’s share of media focus, for those of you selling services, you can also participate in holiday sales.

What about a special offer for accounting services, legal services, design services or etc. Maybe the customer can BUY them now and use them in 2019. Or buy them as a gift for another business.

Multiple Touch Points

Don’t put your marketing “eggs” in one basket. Don’t you love cliches?

Leverage the power of multiple touch points to have your message conveyed via email, your website and social media. Your customers might not have received your email of last week, so you might want to get their attention via Twitter. Or maybe they missed your last Instagram post, you can get their attention with a pop-up on your website.

Can They Find You?

Remember to ensure your listing on Google and Yelp are up to date.

The hours you’re open, reviews, menu options and more. Local listings are so important so be sure they’re updated!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Melissa says take things one step at a time. Remember, services like GoDaddy have an array of solutions to help you quickly get up to speed on all your digital marketing and fulfillment.

Kudos to Donut Parlor who Melissa says is rocking their digital presence. Their donuts LOOK good and so much more.

It’s not too late – GO make some last minutes sales….tick tock tick tock! Last minute holiday revenue is waiting for you!

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