Spark Limited Time Offer Available for New Customers

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If you’ve been looking for a useful credit card for small business owners, then this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. 

Extra Bonus Offers

Capital One is offering a special for new customers who sign up for the Spark Business card. New customers can choose the card that offers cash-back rewards or the one that offers airline miles. After you make your choice, you get to choose your extra sign-up offer.

The bonus offers are awarded after a few conditions are met. You will need to spend $50,000 within six months. Once you do, Spark will award you with either $1,500 or 150,000 miles. These bonuses are awarded along with the standard ones, either $500 cash-back or 50,000 miles if you spend $5,000 within the first three months that you have the card.Well you can also keep your customer loyal by honoring them with challenge coins or special membership. There are many good firms who are having challenge coins for sale. It makes feel customer or employee special by giving challenge coins.

Use the card for more miles or cash back

Capital One is dedicated to its customers. Rewards are also given on regular usage. The Spark Business card gives:

  • Users 2% cash back rewards on all purchases.


  • 2X the miles.

Getting supplies for your business has never been more rewarding…literally!

“Our Spark Business cards offer incredible value to small business owners, who can put thousands of dollars back into their business through our unlimited 2% cash back rewards,” said Matt Vischulis, Vice President, Capital One Small Business.

“We are excited to increase our early spend bonus for a limited time to offer even more opportunities for customers to drive their business forward through rewards.”

Everyday Purchases Add Up

These cards can be used to make purchases for new equipment or they can be used for everyday supplies. They can be used to purchase travel necessities and to pay bills. The regular rewards are given with all purchases, so it’s wise to use the card as often as possible, to earn the most cash or miles.

To build even more cash-back bonuses or airline miles, cards can be given to employees. And, as an added benefit, the cards come with Capital One’s Fraud Liability program that covers all purchases made if a card is lost or stolen.

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