How Zoho is Changing the Customer Experience Game with AI

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Have you been looking for a platform that combines customer experience needs like sales, marketing, and operations? Look no further than Zoho CRM Plus, an all-in-one platform that includes Zia and Zoho Analytics, which adds robust data analysis to the platform. If you want to learn more about how all of this works then the machine learning bootcamp may have all the answers you are looking for.

What’s in Zoho CRM Plus?

This is an exciting product for both small and large businesses. The CRM is loaded with features, but the most exciting is Zia – an AI support system that is voice activated and offers support beyond the typical CRM platform. Since Zia is an AI system, it learns about your business’s experiences with customers to help you deliver unparalleled service.

With Zia AI support, businesses have more power at their fingertips. With this intelligent platform, Zia allows businesses to have

  • A better understanding of customer sentiments.
  • Real-time insights about effective times for customer contact, sales actions, and deal closings.
  • Quick access to information through easy voice commands.
  • Help with sales and support for customer problems.

The features that come with Zoho CRM Plus platform make collaboration more accessible. The features include

  • Process-management components that allow customer-focused employees to work on sales and returns with ease.
  • A simplified Customer Experience Platform that manages potential and active problems to improve customer service and reduce the need for case resolutions.
  • Robust content from all segments of the customer-service process for all decision-making employees.

What you get with Zoho Analytics

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According to Raju Vegesna at Zoho,

“With this deep understanding of business requirements, we have crafted dashboards that decision-makers and executives can use out-of-the-box from within Zoho Analytics, a unique analytics solution in the self-service BI market. Now, organizations can leverage AI-powered technologies via Zoho Analytics, to correlate data that traditionally resided in departmental silos, into meaningful metrics that span across business functions. For example, being able to determine the impact of marketing spend on new sales.”

Zoho Analytics includes capabilities that have never been together in one place.

  • The automatic blending of data from several sources – including third-party apps – into a simplified dashboard.
  • Voice-activated artificial intelligence support, Zia. The AI assistant can answer questions regarding analytics.
  • Predictive analytics that uses past data to forecast future trends.
  • Enriched third-party connections for over 100 reports, KPI dashboards, and social media platforms.
  • Optimized visualization with Geo-maps, flexible dashboards, and dial gauges.
  • Cloud-based and on-premise editions for Linux and Window operating systems.

All of Zoho’s products are ad-free (even the complementary versions) and they put a strong focus on customer information and security. So, not only will you provide a better customer experience, but your data will be safe.

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