7 Tech Trends That Will Drive Small Business Success in 2019

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We are living in the age of the digital revolution. Technology is evolving faster than you can read this article. No really, Alexa just learned to better understand your voice the last time you asked her to check the weather. Isn’t that crazy? Consider the way that technology will change in 2019. Are you prepared to implement the latest tech trends for your small business?

If you stand on the sidelines, these tech trends will leave you in the dust! Your business could miss out on the tools that could build your business and drive more success. These tech trends are the future and will help small businesses like yours:

1. Women in Tech and Politics

As 2019 already seems to be the Year of the Woman (just look at the latest class of US Senators and Representatives), it’s only fitting to look at the tech trends that women are driving. Women are driving tech and politics, which not only helps communities but the builds businesses in them. Forbes shared these women-led technology changes that will launch businesses and communities into the future:

  • Political engagement will be conducted at the local level through mobile interactions.
  • New tech will be democratized so it is accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • Interoperability apps like Slack or Salesforce’s APEX will be used by more companies and many will request customized apps.
  • Tech will provide personal, physical security to protect employees who work in positions that could place in them in vulnerable positions. Think hotel staffs.

2. Coworking–Physically and Virtually

The modern workplace relies on high-quality tech. As more companies embrace the flexibility of remote work, virtual coworking is popping up as a new tech buzzword. Therefore, tech trends that encourage flexible workspaces have the potential to increase productivity and bring more success to businesses.

  • Several virtual coworking apps are making their way to the web. They include apps like MyWorkHive. These apps are based on actual, physical coworking spaces where people from all kinds of businesses come together in one space to get their work done and foster a sense of community that’s often lacking for remote workers.

3. Voice Assistants

  • You know these lovely, AI ladies–Alexa, Echo, Siri, Cortana. These platforms are working their way into businesses and some businesses are diving into how they can monetize this growing tech platform. By the end of 2019, there could be close to 100 million voice assistants and nearly 10% of global households could have them. “Siri, add catch up on smallbiztechnology.com to my to-do list.”

4. Chatbots are Taking Over

  • Chatbots are popping up on more websites, especially in the insurance and finance industries. Since clients often ask similar questions, chatbots can be programmed using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to better automate claims and speed up response times. The result–more happy customers. Chatbots can also be used to automate the sales process. With a few questions, financial products and insurance products can be customized to clients’ needs.
  • Small businesses are embracing tech trends like AI, ML (Machine Learning), and NLP (Natural Language Processing). All of these types of innovations are necessary for effective chatbots. Cloud technology uses all three for automation to include queries, planning, and problem-solving.

5. ABCs, Gs, and Ks

  • 5G is already here and it will speed up everything tech-related, not just smartphones. 5G isn’t available for everyone, but it will be increasingly more available throughout 2019. This technology is so advanced that self-driving cars can use it and cities can become “smart cities” because of it. We’re basically living in Back to the Future.
  • 8K is the latest number for television resolution: 7,680 x 4,320. With super high-def 8K TV, content can completely change so the resolution can be fully appreciated.

6. Passwords Are a Thing of the Past

  • Laptops are shrinking and relying on biometrics like fingerprint scanners. They are also turning to USB-C, rather than full-size USB ports. Since laptops are shrinking, so are the components inside of them and some will have mobile chips, rather than the typical Intel chips that are permanently installed.

7. Healthcare AI

  • Even if your business is not related to healthcare, you could still benefit from devices that use AI to manage it. Biometric devices that measure blood pressure or stress levels can help your employees take care of themselves and be more productive. It can reduce the cost of healthcare and health insurance–which can directly improve your business’s bottom line.  
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