InfusionSoft Rebrands and Launches New Product – Keap

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For the past 15 years, Infusionsoft has been the leader in the marketing automation space. Its primary audience has been experts who are selling information products, such as Brendon Burchard and Jermaine Griggs just to name a few.

Over the past few years, Infusionsoft has sought to market to main street small business owners, but many have found its flagship software confusing and difficult to use. On the other hand, it’s software is one of the most feature rich and best solutions to fully automate the marketing of your company from lead, to nurture to sale.

To solve this problem, Infusionsoft, has rebranded itself as Keap.

In speaking with Clate Mask, co-founder and CEO of Keap, he explained that the CORE tenant of Keap is all about follow up. It’s about ensuring the small service providers are able to look great to their customers (and prospective customers) and do marketing and invoicing all in one central place. Clate explained that each customer a small business has is like an engine. Visit us  retainedfirefighter  for more products details. That engine needs to be cared for and nurtured. Hence the importance of automated software to help care for all their little engines – or customers.

Keep sets out to provide a simpler and easier to use solution that all business owners can use for themselves with minimal training and support needed.

While Infusionsoft competed in some ways with Hubspot or Salesforce and Aweber or Click Funnels and MailChimp, Keap is built from the ground up to be simple for busy business owners to use right out of the box – with no training.

Some of Keap’s features include:

Organizes and centralizes all customer information and daily work in one place – From lead to satisfied client and all the follow-up in between, Keap organizes customer information and daily work in one place so it’s connected and organized. A mobile app provides easy, 24/7 access to client information from anywhere.

Frees small businesses from repetitive tasks to save time – Keap’s online appointment scheduling, simple auto-reminders, and personalized follow-up communications give small businesses back their time. No more playing phone or email tag with clients to set up meetings, follow up on proposals or quotes, and chase down late payments.

Helps small businesses provide great service to their clients – Keap’s online tools help small businesses wow clients by making it simple to book appointment times, view or accept personalized quotes, and pay online invoices in seconds with a one-click “pay now” button. Customizable, automated reminders and updates help small businesses and their clients stay informed every step of the way.

  • The space for simple CRM solutions is very crowded with Wix Ascend adding CRM to Wix;
  • MailChimp has simple but functions CRM solutions;
  • Thryv is heavily marketing to small service providers as well.
  • Clate said that Keap’s turn for its software category is smart client management.

Infusionsoft has a 15-year track record of marketing to, sell to and servicing small businesses will this track record and experience give it a headstart as it launches Keap.

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