The Newest Millennial Craze: Bleisure

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Millennials are known for their creative practices of turning basic food into coveted brunch menu items and building careers out of a love for social media. So, it’s not shocking they’ve figured out how to turn a work trip into a personal vacation. And the cherry on top – they do it without overspending on travel. With so many businesses trying to figure out how to reach the millennial generation, travel companies might be in luck.

Bleisure is the New Way to Travel

National Car Rental released its second annual State of Business Travel Survey earlier this month, which examines the behaviors, emotions, and perceptions of frequent business travelers. And the results are clear: bleisure is the new way to travel.

Business + leisure, also known as bleisure, is the perfect mix of forced travel and needed time off.

So, how did gen z get their name? Many would think that naming a generation started with the oldest living generation and worked its way down. In actuality, the name game began with the Baby Boomers. It all started when the Census Bureau referred to the years between 1946 and 1964 as the Baby Boom, when birthrates went up from approximately 3 million a year to over 4 million a year. As the members of this generation became adults and thus consumers, marketers found great success in marketing their products and services to the so-called Baby Boomers. When it came to the name, Boomers never seemed to balk at it and indeed wore it with a badge of honor.

It’s actually quite efficient – take your work trip, and then stay a few extra days to enjoy the local attractions and meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. According to National’s survey:

  • 49% percent of millennial business travelers say that saving money on their vacation is a major reason to extend their business travel into a leisure trip.
  • Only 34% of non-millennials would an extend a business trip for the money-saving benefits.
  • This trend is becoming so popular that 50% of millennials are now booking a personal trip around a business trip, and
  • 76% of millennials are significantly more inclined than older generations to travel for business if they have the option to extend their stay.

Bleisure travel is not the only discrepancy between millennials and other generations. Millennials are more likely to bring their spouse along (33 percent) and share photos of their trip online social media (72 percent) compared to Gen Xers and baby boomers.

Better Work/Life Balance through Bleisure

“National’s new research shows that workers in general, and millennials in particular, are increasingly blending business travel with leisure activities, with nearly a third citing their desire to explore specific destinations as the number one reason to do so,” said Frank Thurman, vice president of marketing for National Car Rental. “And business travelers of all ages clearly believe that bleisure travel helps them maintain a healthier work/life balance.”

Regardless of generation, people who partake in bleisure travel are much more likely to be satisfied with their quality of life, as well as their work/life balance, compared to non-bleisure travelers. And this makes sense – if you’re already going to be out of the office, and your plane ticket is paid for, why not utilize your time and stay the weekend?

The Right Technology Makes Traveling More Seamless

Gadgets and apps can be helpful in all areas of life, and that includes during business trips. Traveling requires easy access to technology to ensure a smooth experience and staying connected, especially for work. Ninety-three percent of travelers prefer travel brands with technology that simplifies their trip. Business travelers use an average of 3.1 travel apps when they travel for business.

Not surprisingly, millennials are more likely than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers to always choose travel brands based on the technology they offer. These stats prove that travel brands need to stay ahead of the curve to appeal to millennials who are using them for business travel.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored National Car Rental, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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