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In need of a little inspirational reading? You might not have time to read a book, but you can almost always find the time to flip through the pages of a good magazine (or scroll a digital one). There are a lot of publications out there. But weeding through them all takes time, which you probably don’t have, so we’ve done it for you. Try picking up one of these publications we love to stay up to date on tech and industry trends, learn some new leadership principles, or simply get the creative juices flowing.


No list would be complete without this business publication powerhouse. You’ve surely heard of Forbes, and you probably already subscribe, but just in case, we’re putting on the list. This publication is valuable for business owners and entrepreneurs of any size enterprise and should be a cornerstone in your small business library. Forbes excels in communicating relevant business information from big-name authorities in the industry. Experts chime in on topics ranging from practical advice, opinion pieces, news, to an entire vertical dedicated to small business.


Focusing mostly on startups and SMBs, Inc. Magazine is another great publication we love. Inc.’s pages are filled with inspirational articles that will inspire and sharpen your business analysis skills. Inc. articles give plenty of testimonials, case studies, and strategies from home-grown businesses to Fortune 500 businesses on what worked, and what didn’t, for small business owners. Reliable keeping you updated on the state of the market.

Smart Hustle

Smart Hustle Magazine was founded by our very own Ramon Ray. The publication shares challenges, successes and the smart hustle of small business entrepreneurs. You don’t want to miss out on the inspiring stories, solid advice, and lessons learned through innovation, perseverance, and creativity.


Published specifically with entrepreneurs in mind, Entrepreneur Magazine offers important information and insight into the unique challenges of entrepreneurship. Even if you’ve been in the game for a while keeping abreast of the latest in the startup community can inspire you with fresh ideas on how to best grow your venture. The magazine often features big names like Michael Strahan, Danika Patrick, Guy Fieri and Kevin Hart. Issues offer entertaining and relatable advice on every business topic imaginable such as hiring, franchising, time management, and more.


As a small business owner, it’s essential to keep up on tech trends. Wired should be one of your go-to tech resources. It might seem overwhelming at first glance, but once you dive in you’ll appreciate the cutting-edge content on emerging technology that will help your small business succeed.

Small Business Trends

As the name implies, this publication focuses on trends in the small business community. Small Business Trends brings on expert contributors to give you news, tips, and resources to help you stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

Harvard Business Review

While not curated specifically for small businesses, the Harvard Business Review is an incredibly valuable resource to any business owner. Content includes leadership and management theories and how businesses will change and evolve in the future. Any business owner with the future in mind would be smart to subscribe!

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