Time and Attendance software is designed to track employee hours automatically, simplify absence management, leave requests, sick days, vacations and paid time off. Thanks to accurate hours reporting on each employee, business owners can quickly calculate the total number of hours worked over a given period. Automatic reporting eliminates any possible human mistakes and costly errors that may take place if hours had been calculated manually. You can also use percentage calculator to get average workout of all employees.

A job management software is the best way to move away from paper time cards or spreadsheets and manage onsite and mobile workforce more efficiently without time-consuming payroll processes and reports.

What are the Benefits of Using Time and Attendance Software?

With flexible software integration, you can select various clock in/clock out options based on your business type or industry.

For example:

  1. Biometric fingerprint clocking
  2. Web-based clocking
  3. Desktop readers – clocking terminal
  4. Landline clocking
  5. Mobile clocking
  6. Text/SMS clocking

You can easily mix and use a combination of these options as well to meet your standards and business requirements. This way you can effectively track time of remote workers to make sure they are working on site. Self-reporting, spreadsheets, and other outdated methods of timekeeping are unreliable. Employees can misreport the hours they work on purpose or simply because they don’t remember.

With biometric scanner devices, you can automatically register clock in/clock out entries and get all data into one system. Fingerprint clocks have been mostly used by large organizations due to the higher cost, however, with technology improvements, the price of biometric devices has been reduced significantly and became affordable for small business.

Integrated with web-based applications biometric time clocks are now much easier to use. In perspective, this investment will pay off since you are saving money by not overpaying employees and spending less money managing payroll.

How Fingerprint Clock Can Help You Save  Money?

  • For example, you have 10 workers with hourly pay $12/hour. It means, 1 minute costs $1
  • If each worker is late or missed 1-5 minutes/a day on average, it will lead to $10/day or $50/week minimum overpay in total. In one month it will become $200, in one year – $2400 min.

You could invest this money into your business, right?.

How To Prevent “Buddy Punching”

Another advantage of using biometric time clock systems is to eliminate so-called “buddy punching”.  The problem with traditional punch clocks was their lack of reliability and there was a possibility when an employee was able to punch in on the behalf of another employee.

Biometric time clocks are very accurate and effectively prevent “buddy punching” in order to track the physical presence of employees. They also simplify the tracking of payroll hours by replacing the written systems that were previously used by employers.

It is Convenient for your Employees

Online Time Clock Solutions are very beneficial for your remote workers. Whenever your employees work from home, travel to other sites or work in the field or in other buildings, they have the flexibility to clock in right from their phones when they start and clock out when the job is done. No need to track time on paper or spreadsheets or make a trip to the nearest time clock device.

This may look attractive for new generation, especially for millennials who value the flexibility to work from anywhere

Another reason why small business owners should consider switching to online time card software is that it simplifies leave request process for your employees.

They can request a day off or allocated holidays with one click using software tools and options.

And business owners can quickly and easily review absences over a period of time. Using this feature, you can identify patterns to absences and make better decisions for improvements.

When you use biometric timekeeping, you can also customize your platform. You can keep track of full-time employees and hourly workers, monitor employees by project or business location. You can create personalized settings and enter work schedules, vacations and paid time off for each employee individually. By using modern tools and integration with 3rd party payroll systems you can automate business processes and focus more on productivity.

By effectively managing employee time and attendance, small business owners are one step closer to growing and scaling their business.

Authored by:

Liana Torosyan