7 Things to Look for When Choosing an Electronic Signature Provider

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Due to the continued adoption of technology, various web applications are being integrated into business processes. The electronic signature is a seemingly small yet extremely impactful tool that’s being adopted today. 

Electronic signatures have assisted many firms and individuals in handling high volume transactions as well as document processes. Also, firms using electronic signatures have experienced greater efficiency of document workflows. However, there are numerous electronic signature providers; hence clients should be cautious while choosing the best solution.

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Here’s how you can ensure you find the right e-signature provider for your business.

1. Compliance of services

When opting for an e-provider, check how compliant their services are regarding the laws governing the use of electronic signatures. The managed service provider should establish and state that its application is compliant with the primary legislation and also provide details on how the software works under the specific provisions of the laws.

2. Usability of the e-signature software

This will affect your use of the application over the long term. Therefore, examine the software with a free trial to gain the full experience of sending, receiving, and signing documents online. If you have questions, try reaching out to the support team to gauge the responsiveness of their customer care department

3. Integration with your internal systems

The platforms ability to integrate into your internal processes is systems is also vital. Electronic signature technology should enable you to tie the app into your current business processes.

Electronic signatures are investments and clients should be able to use them wherever they wish. However, not all electronic signatures allow for such capabilities

Therefore, firms soliciting electronic signature providers should examine their common document workflows and ascertain how they are going to integrate the technology in their business processes.

Also, investigate the Reviewapi (Application Programming Interface) of the electronic signature solution as well as review examples of how other firms have integrated their systems with the e-signature vendor’s API.

4. Verification of documents

The best electronic signature should be adept with the confirmation of materials from outside the organization. Workers require flexibility; therefore the electronic signature should permit them to work on documents, for instance, signing even while traveling.

5. Use of various applications

It should create leeway for the use of multiple applications for example; Adobe Acrobat, TIFF images as well as Ms-word. There are electronic signatures which allow only one signature once; this makes additional signatures impossible. Therefore, cross-platform capabilities should be possible with a unique electronic signature.

6. Compliance with law

An excellent signature is compliant with the law. There is a specific standard that all e-signatures have to follow just as with ink signatures. For instance; the authenticity of the signature, integrity and also a signature that cannot be accessed by unlawful users.

7. Verification

The verification of e-signature is also very crucial. One should ensure that all parties could verify it. It should also be un-refutable, meaning that it cannot be denied.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you choose your e-signature provider, the right electronic signature solution will aid you in controlling document workflows and transactions a lot more efficiently than with paper. Once you opt for an electronic signature provider, be assured that you’re on the way to making your document workflow a lot easier for your business.

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