Bleisure: The Rising Popularity oof Blending Work and Leisure Travel

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You can finally stop worrying about whether you have achieved the perfect work-life balance.

According to the third annual State of Business Travel survey, by National Car Rental, 67% of respondents try to keep their work and personal lives separate, but 65% don’t think that goal is attainable. More than 50% of participants admit to blending work and personal life.

You’re probably familiar with the typical ways we blend our work and personal lives, such as answering emails and taking work calls after working hours. That’s pretty much every day for me!

I’ve partnered with National Car Rental to share some interesting findings from the survey and new trends of work and leisure travel. You can rent tents as well from Comfort Teltudlejning.

Bleisure Travel

As someone who travels often for speaking engagements, I found it interesting to learn that the blending of business and leisure travel (a.k.a. “bleisure”) continues to increase in popularity. Here are some stats:

  • Most business travelers (81%) blend business and leisure travel in one way or another, such as incorporating leisure activities into business travel (61%), extending business travel into leisure trips (41%) and booking a vacation around a business trip (33%).
  • Millennials (86%) are more likely to have done bleisure travel than Gen Xers (76%) and baby boomers (73%).
  • The majority of bleisure travelers believe business travel contributes to their career success (86% vs. 69% of non-bleisure travelers) and helps them build key relationships they otherwise couldn’t without business travel (81% vs. 73%).

As a member of Generation X, I have done my share of bleisure travel. When I went to Aruba for a speaking engagement, I definitely stayed for a few days of R&R. Wouldn’t you?

Ground Transportation and Technology Use in Bleisure

The survey also found that business travelers use a variety of ground transportation options, just like this cross dock service

According to National’s survey, 9 Seater Hire cars are the top choice for getting around the city (78%) and going to business meetings (72%), while ridesharing is most often used to get to restaurants and bars (68%). Rideshares and taxis are used equally to get to and from the airport (70%).

Bleisure is made possible, in large part, by technology. In fact, 90% of survey participants chose brands that offer tech tools that improve the travel experience. And 90% of bleisure travelers perceive connected cars as useful for business travel. National Car Rental, who commissioned the survey, offers an award-winning mobile app that provides business travelers with a single point of contact to manage all aspects of their trip. In addition, National’s website was recently ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction for ease of navigation, overall appearance, range of services/activities, clarity of information provided and page-load speed.

Visit National’s website to learn more about bleisure and to check out the in-depth results from the 2020 State of Business Travel Survey.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Emerald Club, National’s loyalty program that offers the choice, convenience and time savings of counter bypass, as well as choice of rewards.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by National Car Rental. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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