7 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Office Space’s Productivity

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Any business is only as successful as its least successful employee, so a business’s office space should be organized in a way to improve the happiness and morale of all employees. This improvement in happiness and morale will not only have a drastic effect on the individual employees but also within the business as a whole. 

Scientists around the globe have long proved that there is a natural correlation between happiness and productivity. Therefore, if an employee is more satisfied within an office space, they will more than likely be more productive. 

The following list of innovative ideas can be very helpful when looking to improve an office space’s productivity. These ideas focus on lighting, color, noise levels, temperature, and several other factors. 

1. Bring In Natural Light

An office space filled with dimly lit rooms or excessively bright light fixtures will generally have a disorienting or otherwise negative effect on employees. Therefore, planning your office’s layout to take advantage of natural light that floods through your office’s windows is one of the best ways to increase productivity. 

If your office space does not have many windows or does not receive much natural light, you can still achieve a natural lighting effect. In today’s lighting market, there are several technological developments that mimic and replicate natural lighting.  

2. Add Color

It has long been common knowledge that certain colors stimulate certain moods and emotions. This information can be utilized in an office space to increase productivity, but the key is to strike a balance. Too little color and the office can become boring and unstimulating; too much color can be exhausting and overstimulating. 

3. Include Natural Accents 

Natural plants, flowers, and succulents are great for increasing productivity and stimulating the human brain. These quick pops of natural greens and other colors can have astonishing effects on an employee’s happiness and morale. 

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining outside of your office’s windows, employees working in your office will want to be outside. Therefore, bringing the outside in with the use of plants and other natural accents is a great way to keep your employees satisfied and productive. If you are looking to splurge, another way to include natural accents into your office’s space is to have countertops made of quartz installed in office bathrooms.

4. Consider Temperature

Controlling the temperature in your office space can have great effects on an office’s productivity. Employees who are freezing in the office or who are sweating profusely are going to be less satisfied at work for obvious reasons. Yes, keeping the air conditioner turned off in the summer and the heat turned to low in the winter can save your business money. However, in the long run, this practice will cause your business to not be as successful because your employees will be less productive. Business owners should always bet on their employees and take the necessary steps to ensure their happiness and productivity. In this instance, thinking about your office’s temperature can lead to a positive increase in company morale. 

5. Invest In Furniture

Most of the office furniture that is situated within your office space is going to be used every day by a variety of employees. Therefore, it is pertinent to invest in high quality furniture for your office. This furniture will not only have a longer lifespan but will increase employee productivity due to its comfort and overall design. Supportive chairs and barstools can also prevent employees from developing a variety of health problems that may cost your business time or money years in the future. 

6. Be Mindful Of Noise Levels

Nothing can stifle an office’s productivity quite like an excessive amount of noise. However, some workers may work better in a busy and noisy environment. When thinking about the noise levels of your office, it may be important to survey your employees and become aware of their habits and preferences. Achieving a good balance between quiet rooms and busy spaces is the best general practice. Office owners looking to lower noise levels in any given room can have acoustic cloud panels installed. 

7. Utilize The Latest Technology

Last, but certainly not least, an office space’s productivity can be greatly improved by a variety of hardware and software technology. These improvements can range from installing tablets that control temperature and lighting on your office’s walls to entry code panels and turnstiles that allow for secure office access. Installing digital messaging software and other software aimed at task management is another way to greatly improve employee productivity using technology.

Welcome To Your Productive Office

The perfect office space design should inspire and satisfy every employee. This satisfaction and inspiration will greatly improve happiness and subsequently your office’s productivity. The innovative ideas listed above are sure to help your office and its employees achieve their full potential. Employees who are performing at a high caliber will allow your business to continue to experience expedited growth. This growth will not only be seen within the opportunities granted to your business but can also be measured by a business value calculator.

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