Top 10 Business Plan Templates to Get Your Small Business Started

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Business plan templates can provide a leg up when launching any new product or service. We all know that starting a small business can be extremely challenging at first, no matter how good what you offer might be. Lacking an engaged audience, you will not be satisfied with the results, but you can relax. Today there’s absolutely no need to “reinvent the wheel.”

Of course, you should trust the process. Big things take time, but you should spend your time on things that are making the future of your brand brighter. Don’t take shortcuts to success such as buying followers on your social media accounts or posting fake reviews.

Instead, invest time in things that will improve sales and grow your audience. For example, creating social media promotions, creating your own online surveys, interacting with potential clients, and writing your business plan.

What’s a Business Plan Template?

A business plan template is a plan for the quick setup of a business plan for your brand. It contains all the elements for the fast growth of your brand, including marketing plans to introduce your brand to the public. Having a business plan template is helpful, especially for people who are new to the business world. Most of the templates are free and are easy to find. You can find a lot of them online. You just need to do research and decide which plan is the best choice for your product or service.

Top 10 Business Plan Templates for Small Businesses

Templates are here to make grinding out your business plan easier. All you need to do is decide which plan you need and stick to it. Success might be right around the corner.

1. Hubspot

Hubspot provides a template that can help you with creating your business plan. This brief business plan template enables you to formulate your core message and provide investors with the information they need about your business. And the best thing is that the Hubspot template is free.

2. Course Hero

Course Hero’s business plan is great for people who just need to insert information about their product or service. What makes this plan better than others is that it’s both detailed and easy to set up. It’s free and available for immediate download.

3. The Balance’s Simple Business Plan for Entrepreneurs

Balance’s Simple Business template is a great choice for people who need help writing an organization’s description, labor requirements, and making sales strategies. Downloading the standard plan is free.


If you Google search for the best business plan template, you’ll most likely find SCORE’s. This business plan template can help you find out if your business idea has any weaknesses and also identify opportunities for your business you may not even have considered. 

5. Bgateway

Bgateway (Business Gateway) provides a template that can help you from starting your brand to increasingly more complex tasks. It’s even helpful for people who want to raise funds to start their business. Bgateway offers a free plan on their website.

6. Bplan

On the Bplans website, you will find a template that can help you with each step of your plan and show you what an SBA-approved business plan should look like. It’s free to download and easy to follow.

7. Pandadoc

On the Pandadoc site, you will find seven free templates that can help you with your business growth. No matter what kind of business you have, you can find the one that is useful for you. Pandadoc provides business plan templates for bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, and more.

8. The Business Plan Shop

The Business Plan Shop offers a detailed business plan sketch built for entrepreneurs who’ve never had experience writing business plans before. You can make your business plan for free.

9. Wise’s Business Plan

On the Wise website, you will find a template that can help you set your company goals. Using this template can show investors how you expect to expand your brand. It’s free and easy to use. 

10. ThinkBusiness’ Free Template 

Last but not least, ThinkBusiness has a great template to download. This template is great for beginners and is also very detailed and easy to set up. It’s free and you can start using it even if you have no experience in writing business plans.

Focus on What Makes Your Product or Service Unique

The templates listed above are great resources for small and medium businesses. There are tons of free templates available online, you just need to take time to research and work on your brand. Invest time in things that you believe have a bright future, be unique, make yourself known, and success will be a matter of time.

Growing your new business will require work and dedication, too. You can make this easier given all the sites and help available for free online. However, you should not stop there. Make another commitment to learning something new every day about marketing and improving sales.

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