8 Ways To Improve The Customer Experience Using Technology

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Companies are continually trying to improve their customer experience. They’ve enlisted software and data and countless other tools to inform them of ways to make sure every step of the customer process is positive. Technology has allowed organizations the ability to identify issues, patterns, buying habits, and so much more using technology. Customers can now easily pay bills through online portals, chat with an AI on the computer, and so much more. The data that companies gain through cookies and Facebook Pixels also give valuable information to help deliver a more customized customer experience. Your company can even use a customer experience agency to help design an end-to-end solution that leverages people and technology to deliver exceptional service.

Artificial Intelligence

When used as part of a customer experience plan, artificial intelligence programs can be an incredible asset. AI programs can run through phone systems, on the computer, and even through texting. A robust AI can easily help staff navigate and resolve simple issues. For more complex issues, the AI system can connect them with a real person either via chat or phone. Technology has come a long way. And while the best customer experiences still have a human touch, there are countless ways to leverage technology as part of the end-to-end process.

Remote Phone Staff

Be careful before you outsource your phone team to another country. Many customers have expressed frustration over the quality of the customer experience when they struggle to communicate their issue due to language barriers. Because of this, remote phone staff in the native country of the bulk of your customers are a better use of your resources. You gain hours’ worth of phone time if you have your team on the East Coast start at 7 a.m. and have new people picking up the phones in each time zone until you hit Pacific time. These remote workers help keep your business running at all hours of the day and sometimes even the night. The technology of VoIP and excellent computer systems can all help facilitate an incredible customer experience. Expanded phone hours also means customers can call and talk to a real person at almost any time of day.

Live Chat

Some people need to resolve issues while they are in situations where they can’t wait on a phone call for 30 or 45 minutes. Live chat offers them the opportunity to chat with a real person in real time to get their needs met. Whether they are trying to resolve a billing issue, change something on their account or something completely different, live chat is a perfect addition to the customer experience. It’s also good for those introverts and people who dislike being on the phone in general.

Web Returns

Trying to return products from online shopping can be a nightmare. The struggle for many customers is real. Some companies have a convoluted process where you spend a ton of time on the phone only to hear that the item you want to send back cannot be returned. Web-based returns are the perfect solution to this problem that empowers the customer to initiate and do the return process without needing to wait on anyone else. Web returns can be completed through simple web portals using just a few pieces of data.

Empower Employees

Some companies have empowered every single employee to make the customer experience the best possible. They have given them freedom to make the issue right without needing to go up the line to higher ups. This empowerment of employees means that the customer only needs to interface with one person and that person always has the authority to do something to right the wrong or perceived wrong that the customer faced.

Whether this is taking a return that falls outside the usual policy, offering a refund for a mistaken charge, or sending the correct product when they received the wrong one. While this isn’t about technology directly, empowered employees who can help the customer will always improve the customer experience.

Create Easy-to-Access How-To Content

Do you have simple how-to videos and documents on your website? These are great ways to use technology to improve the customer experience. Whether customers are trying to figure out all the positions of a baby sling or put together a piece of furniture, a good video explainer or informative help sheet can go a long way. Customers who want to learn a new piece of software will spend more time on your website if you offer informative guides for the most common tasks they want to complete.

Help Kiosks

For in-person experiences, help kiosks can help alleviate a ton of stress. Whether a customer is trying to find a price for an item or a location for something they need, strategically placed help kiosks provide an easy tech-based solution. When these kiosks have a simple and appealing user interface and easy to follow prompts, it improves the customer experience. Instead of needing to track down an employee from somewhere else in the store or wait on a manager, they can get many of their pressing questions answered immediately.

Leverage the Right Social Media Channels

Some companies have a presence on every platform because it helps connect with customers wherever they are. Social media is a great way to use technology to improve the customer experience for your company. When you communicate with your customers in real-time where they need you to be the most, you make an impact on that customer. The better the experience, the better the response from the customer.

It’s clear that there are many ways to use technology in your customer experience plan. It’s important to ask “How do I want the customer to feel after they interact with our team?” and then build your plan from there. Look at the different opportunities and channels you have as a business to connect in a positive way with the customer. A robust plan will give you happy customers who will tell their friends.


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