5 Reasons Shipping to Consumers is Changing

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One of the many glass ceilings that Amazon has broken is the standard of shipping. Shipping is a field that is utilizing technology to completely change the game. It is getting faster, safer, and more efficient. Not only are packages getting to their destinations more quickly, but they are also kept intact and safely delivered to the person who is receiving it.

This is due to a variety of reasons. Technology is changing everything in our lives and making them more efficient, but shipping packages is one of the ways that our society is becoming effective beyond what we used to think. With automation and fast transportation, shipping is changing. Here are five reasons you are getting packages more quickly and in one piece than ever before.


One mind-bending and game-changing way that shipping is getting better is the addition of drones. Drones are flying objects controlled remotely. Recently Amazon started using them to deliver packages, opening up all kinds of doors for new shipping ideas. A drone can fly the package directly to your house and leave it on your doorstep or, in some cases, in your backyard. 

This is, of course, with your consent to drop the package in your backyard, but it is an amazing possibility. Drones are just now being used for this purpose, but one thing is clear. They will be used in the future to deliver everything from pieces of technology to grocery items.  Whatever you are getting delivered, there is a chance that it will be delivered by a drone.

Smart Lockers

Another way that shipping has changed greatly is through smart lockers for apartments. This new locker technology provides a way for residents of apartment complexes to receive their packages in individual lockers. Not only will you not have to worry about packages being dropped off at your house, but you will also be notified when a package gets delivered because your phone will be alerted. You can also use out-of-home delivery services like Stowfly which are similar to package lockers. Stowfly is a network of shops and stores. You can call them your secondary address where your packages are safely received and taken care of till you pick them back. 

With individual lockers for each resident, you won’t have to wonder if your package was stolen from your front door. You will know exactly when the package is delivered and who delivered it, offering peace of mind and efficiency to ordering packages. More and more people are ordering things online, smart lockers are the future of shipping to communal environments like apartment and business complexes. Smart lockers are the future of deliveries.

Internet of Things Tech

Internet of Things (IoT) technology that is enabled with GPS can provide professional shipping data in real-time, making these logistical personnel better able to determine the time it will take to ship, the conditions each shipping vessel is in, and routes of the supply chain. With IoT technology, these professionals can automate warehouse and storage processes and better eliminate shipping damages.

This technology can even monitor temperature, vibrations, and how fast the shipping process will be. When it comes to shipping, more accurate knowledge and ease to organize the items these companies are sending out will only improve the whole process. Of course it’s all connected. As technology improves, shipping around the world will become more accurate and more efficient.

Maritime Advances

While we live in a world where planes are much more prevalent than ships, boats take up a significant portion of the industry. It should be no surprise, then, that maritime advances are impacting the shipping industry. The world experienced just how important ships were when the Suez Canal had a boat stuck, prohibiting others from entering and leaving. Packages around the world were delayed for days or even weeks.

When it comes to shipbuilding, propulsion, and the data on everything from the vessel to the route, maritime advances greatly improve the speed and accuracy of shipping. With smart shipping, meaning that the boats are equipped with internet technology like our phones, the communication and ability to analyze information has skyrocketed. 

Nearly 10 percent of new boats being built are equipped with this technology. Coupled with advanced materials, IT infrastructure, robotics, and other technology like sensors, maritime advances will increase the efficiency and speed of shipping around the world. It is yet another advancement that is changing the industry for the better.

Accessible Air Travel

Another way that the shipping industry is changing concerns air travel. Nowadays more and more packages are being shipped in the air, making it possible to arrive much more quickly than if they are being sent on a boat. Air travel is becoming cheaper and cheaper, allowing companies to send their packages through the air and arrive even on the same day.

The cost of air travel, while harmful to the environment, doesn’t seem to be going up. If anything the prices are going down. Technology will improve, making air shipping the more viable option. While maritime advances facilitate the industry of shipping, accessible and affordable flights for cargo and commercial shipping will continue to be a game-changer in the logistics and cost of shipping.

The future is here and everything is changing rapidly. While it remains to be seen how the world will adapt post-pandemic, technology has only been furthered by the COVID-19 virus. More than ever people are buying things online. Whether it’s an expensive watch or a grocery item, things are being shipped around the world in record numbers. 

Where there is a demand, companies will strive to meet it. The demand for online shopping, international shipping, and the logistics of it all does not seem to be going anywhere. Shipping logistics, data, and speed have improved, but this is likely just the beginning. With all of these technologies converging, the shipping industry will continue to evolve and adapt to this ever-changing world and the Internet of Things. 

With companies like Amazon promising insane shipping times like same-day delivery, the rest will be forced to compete. It’s lucrative for Amazon, but other companies will struggle to meet this demand. Still, there is no going backward, and shipping is as fast and efficient as it’s ever been. Only time will tell how advanced it will become.

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