The Best Marketing Automation Tools for SMBs

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Today's automation technology can help organizations across every sector move all or at least part of their operations to the cloud.

Today’s automation technology can help organizations across every sector move all or at least part of their operations to the cloud.

It’s now or never to move your automation marketing to the cloud and gain added security.

According to marketing expert Clare Price, global corporations have been investing in automation for decades. During the epidemic years of 2020 and 2021, that investment paid off handsomely. During the early lockdowns, companies were able to swiftly convert to remote work thanks to automation. Price is the founder and CEO of Octain Growth Systems, a worldwide strategic planning consulting organization that helps businesses increase profits, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Because they had the automatic systems in place, she says, major organizations were in a better position for the hybrid work environment, which includes both in-office and remote employees. Small businesses and solopreneurs, according to Price, did not do as well. When the lockdowns came, they had to scurry to regain momentum.

What’s the end result? Small company owners increasingly see the value of automation in driving operational efficiency in their businesses, adds Price. Today’s technology can help company owners and marketers in any sector move all or part of their activities to the cloud. The following five marketing functions, according to Price, should be automatic.

Appointment Scheduling

Taking your appointment scheduling online allows you to escape the monotony. It provides clients with flexibility and ensures that your time is inviolate when you need it. These are definitely worth a look.

Individual client appointments may be done using calendaring software such as Calendly and Calendarwiz. Try TimeTap for a more comprehensive appointment-setting solution, as well as virtual administrative help for class scheduling and training. Multiple locations, class scheduling, customizable booking forms, and automated payments are all in TimeTap. is a professional services booking system that includes online booking, alerts, payments, and marketing incentives such as discounts, gift cards, memberships, and product sales. also provides a presence in their professional services directory.

Automation Software for Creating Proposals

Invest in proposal software if your organization sends job proposals manually. Particularly in professional services. Proposal software not only reduces the amount of non-billable time you spend crafting your proposal, but it also keeps track of the prospects’ responses by recording when, what, and how they look at what you supplied them.

Instead of guessing and sending blind follow-ups, imagine knowing when your prospect read your proposal. Imagine knowing which pages piqued their interest.

Was it because of the advantages? Features? Pricing? Knowing this will let you deliver a follow-up message that is tailored to their individual interests.

Proposal tools such as PandaDoc, Proposify, and BidSketch may help you achieve just that. The majority of them provide a limit-free free version or trial. This can help any small business.

Systems for Email Marketing

If email marketing is your major marketing strategy, there are a plethora of efficient and low-cost options available today.

Many basic marketing operations are automated by marketing automation software, allowing your team to thrive in demand and lead creation. Email marketing systems to sophisticated demand and lead generating and prospecting platforms are all available. Marketing automation is an important part of digital and social media marketing’s success.

Management of Customer Relationships (CRM)

One cloud sales enablement tool that no company should be without is a solid CRM solution.

Building customer connections is at the heart of CRM software solutions. They allow your sales force to engage with prospects and monitor their interactions with your company. From start to finish. Contact management, lead management, opportunity management, and sales forecasting are all features of CRM systems.

Integration with Marketing Automation Systems

To make remote work succeed, you must keep customers pleased by providing a consistent customer experience (CX) to each client. They anticipate receiving assistance as soon as possible via a variety of channels and gadgets.

Every provider must now provide an Amazon-like experience to their customers. In today’s trying circumstances, phone and email help are no longer sufficient. With two online CX investments, every small company owner can drastically improve their customer service experience.

Live Chat

Live chat transforms your website from a static informational resource to a real-time customer support center. It helps you to cut reaction times down to seconds rather than hours.

Most significantly, it aids in the growth of your business. According to the American Marketing Association, B2B organizations that employ live chat witnessed a 20 percent boost in conversions on average. Live Chat, ZenDesk, and Olark are the three suggested live chat software options.

Simply said, automation provides both top-line and bottom-line advantages that help your team, no matter how small, increase earnings, productivity, and efficiency.

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