How To Keep Your Project Pipeline Flowing

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It’s that time of year when businesses look ahead to the future. The project pipeline is flowing freely in many industries.

It’s that time of year when businesses look ahead to the future. In many businesses, such as construction, there are more projects than ever. The project pipeline is flowing freely in many industries. So, if you’re noticing that some people are getting more work than you are, now is a good time to take charge.

The top priorities for 2022 are to use new technology, automate drudgery, communicate clearly, stay organized, find your best project match for your pipeline, and actively build your network. Sounds like a great plan, right? Let’s jump in.

Adopt New Technologies

What’s your favorite way to communicate with prospects, clients, subcontractors, and suppliers? In the last year, we’ve all had a crash course in using Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams to keep in touch.

Technology has evolved and so have expectations. More businesses are now looking at ways to adapt systems, build skills, and increase comfort with using new technology. Technology is a key growth trend that is poised to only increase.

Automate to Thrive

Speaking of stuff you hate, avoid, or procrastinate doing…take a look at automating your workflows. Consider ways to automate tracking construction project leads, invoicing, payroll, insurance, and state-specific requirements.

There’s no need to spend extra hours slaving over the forms, or losing a valuable weekend with your family because you’re stuck at the office doing paperwork.

Communicate to Succeed

Using technology and automating your workflow are key components to success in the New Year. Whether your company is a tiny one-person shop or a multi-state operation, effective communication is key to your success.

As you look for ways to boost communication skills, practice thinking about the person who is receiving the information. Many communication experts suggest that the key is simplicity. Speak in short sentences. Write clear and concise emails. Take the time to ensure that you don’t leave any room for error or misinterpretation.

Whether you are communicating within your office, sharing information with your team, or submitting a proposal, your efforts in communication can make you stand out above the competition.

Stay Organized With Project Pipeline Leads

As demand increases, so do the requirements to stay organized. After all, if you’re managing multiple projects in multiple states, you need to have all your projects, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in an up-to-date database.

But what if organization isn’t your thing? The fact is that a lot of business owners need to have the support of administrators, data managers, and analysts to thrive. If you know you are not the right person for the job, hire staff who love to do the stuff you hate.

Find Projects In Your Area

There’s always a toss-up between finding projects and doing projects — especially if you are a solo entrepreneur. Many small business owners find that when business is booming, it’s challenging to actively seek out new projects. You can keep your calendar full of exciting projects by balancing your current workflow with a rigorous approach to finding new projects.

While you’re looking for projects, define your criteria. Start with location, so you can book projects that will support your health, shorten commuting, and enable you to nurture your relationships. Target your main projects to be local within a comfortable commuting distance, so you can maintain a good work-life balance.

Naturally, as you look for projects, consider ones that you are uniquely suited for with your specific expertise and training. Using construction software will help you review project documents online, instead of driving all over the county to talk to construction managers.

Search for the projects that match your specific criteria, such as construction type, project type, and timeline. By focusing your search, you’ll build confidence and strength in finding the opportunities that are genuinely best for you.

As you work to find local projects, use software to stay in touch with other contractors. Streamline your bidding process so you can submit unlimited bids and fill out your calendar with the jobs you want.

Build Your Nationwide Network

As projects become available in diverse areas of the country, it’s essential to build your national network. Many construction managers and subcontractors have relied on a personal network of trusted and vetted peers for out-of-state projects. This may have worked in the past.

However, there are ways to reduce barriers and increase your national network that can help your business grow. For instance, you can consider using computer software built for the construction industry. This technology can help you make important connections, share project opportunities, and stay in touch with the workforce in different locations.

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