4 Benefits of Adding Solar Batteries to Your Solar Power System

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Lowered grid dependency. An end to outages. Solar batteries make the use of solar panels more efficient and easier to harness absorbed energy.

Solar batteries make the use of solar panels more efficient and easy to harness the energy absorbed. Customers are well-advised to install a solar battery in their power systems to make it more economical sense.

Successful companies such as Tesla have made a move to invest in new technologies, including clean and renewable energy. This gave rise to the invention of the Tesla Powerwall, a solar battery providing even greater value.

Installing a solar battery such as the Tesla Powerwall, whether it’s to supplement your strategy for dealing with power outages along with a bank of 10000 watt generators or as a stand-alone strategy, will help to ensure that you get the most out of your system. You will be able to store excess electricity and improve its generation throughout the day in both your homes and businesses. It helps not only protect the environment but also saves money.

There are many benefits to adding the Tesla Powerwall to your system as outlined below.

1. Reliable, Consistent Power Supply

The Tesla Powerwall ensures that you have power when you need it.

Solar panels only produce electricity when there is sunlight. This means that you lack consistent supply at night. You are assured that your essential appliances will keep running even during power outages.

Installing a solar battery ensures that you have a constant power supply. The Tesla Powerwall boasts of great energy storing capacity of 13kWh. The Tesla Powerwall also ensures a higher power supply due to its flexibility. You are able to stack or add to your units at any time as your demand increases.

2. Diminished Grid Dependency

The Tesla Powerwall offers a great solution for you if you want to stop relying on the grid.

Frequent power outages are a pain to handle. This battery system ensures that you do not have to depend on the grid to run your household or business. This is because it automatically detects grid outages. You do not have to lift a finger when this happens. Having independence from the grid without a solar battery is next to impossible.

3. Improved Power Technology

Technology access means more control.

The Tesla Powerwall provides great features that make your solar power system more efficient. It even includes a storm-watch feature. The Tesla application provides you with real-time data usage and time-based control.

You are able to optimize the usage of electricity from your solar system by discharging it during peak hours. This time-based control greatly impacts your electricity costs and is a definite advantage for your household.

4. Benefits to Our Ecosystem

The use of non-renewable energy such as fuel and coal has had a continuously negative impact on our environment.

Global warming is increasingly on the rise and with it comes temperature rises and harsh weather conditions. Likewise, wildfires are now a common occurrence destroying our ecosystem.

Integration of your solar system with the Tesla Powerwall ensures that we have a constant supply of clean renewable energy from the sun. This will enable us to minimize our carbon footprint and help the ecosystem become vibrant again.

The Bottom Line

The Tesla Powerwall offers a great battery storage solution that caters to the growing needs of businesses and industry. Its ability to be integrated into an already existing solar system is also a great advantage.

The Tesla Powerwall is powered using lithium-ion batteries which are made from recyclable material. Tesla has partnered with different companies to reprocess spent battery packs and cells for making new ones. This battery requires no maintenance. You can feel proud while using this technology as it incorporates a zero-waste policy and is manufactured using recyclable materials.

Environmental awareness provides a much-needed reprieve as the world makes many changes and initiates campaigns to go green and create sustainability for the environment. Considering the benefits to your business and the environment, it may be time to give the Tesla Powerwall serious consideration.

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