What to Do Before Starting a Business

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Some people (like me) are excited at the opportunities, others are nervous about the coming year. If you thinking about becoming a small business owner, here is what do do before starting a business.

Create a board of advisors.

Put together a board of trusted advisors, who speak their minds and not coddle you and who are experts in a variety of fields that can benefit you – sales, technology, finance, marketing, people operations, strategy

Hire a mentor.

Work with a dedicated mentor this year. Someone who’s far ahead of where you want to be.

Know your numbers.

Hire a CFO, a GOOD CFO, who can help you organize your finances, and help you better understand your financial statements and what it means for your business.


Reduce your email, stop saying yes so much and focus on a few management projects.

Hire an executive assistant.

If you don’t have someone to help you manage your calendar and your projects, you’re probably wasting time.

Hire expert help.

Stop building your own web site and marketing campaigns. Hire professional help for the various aspects of your business that someone else can do better.

Get healthy.

I do about 60 push ups a day (give or take), planks and stretches. I used to job on my treadmill – but need to start back on it. What about you? What simple, yet healthy exercises and diet can you do to be more healthy in 2016?

Have fun.

If you find your life is always in front of a computer or in a business meeting – you NEED to take a break and have fun. At least get away from WORK and do something else.

Educate yourself.

Discipline your mind and set time to educate yourself and learn. Succeeding at business is NOT luck – it’s all about smart hustle.

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