5 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Brands in 2022

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WhatsApp has proved difficult for selling. To increase customer engagement, you must modify your marketing plan to avoid unwanted spam-like messaging.

In several areas, WhatsApp has eclipsed Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp began five years ago and now has 700 million active users. Users of WhatsApp can send and receive unlimited text, audio, and video messages. Its free download and promise of ad-free access have made it a social craze. Because there are no ads or media to buy, WhatsApp has proved difficult to use for marketing purposes. To increase customer engagement, you must modify your marketing plan to avoid unwanted spam-like messaging.

Leveraging WhatsApp’s Functionality the Right Way to Facilitate Customer Communication

Identification and connection with prospective clients are essential components of effective brand communication.

WhatsApp’s widespread usage among consumers has become a popular platform for businesses to communicate with their customers. Brands can reach out to prospective consumers in a personalized manner and via a channel they are comfortable with. As a result, reducing friction to the greatest extent is feasible.

Market Opportunity for Using WhatsApp for Your Brand

WhatsApp helps communicate with the customers, and the fact that text messages are opened at a rate of 98% makes this even superior.

Additionally, the critical advantage of communicating with consumers using a messaging app like WhatsApp is that they develop a greater sense of confidence in you. For instance, 53% of consumers indicate they would purchase if they could only reach out by text or a chat app.

WhatsApp bridges this chasm by providing a secure, high-speed connection.

Apart from that, the following factors make WhatsApp a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal of profitable businesses.

  • Use of WhatsApp to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Use of instant messaging to accelerate the customer sales cycle.
  • Ability to generate superior sales numbers.

How Can You Develop an Effective WhatsApp Marketing Strategy?

Having a solid marketing plan is critical to getting desired outcomes in the field of marketing. Read these suggestions on WhatsApp marketing strategy to help you prepare ahead of time and make tweaks if something doesn’t work out as planned.

1. Automated Messages

WhatsApp for Business allows businesses to use templates to develop and send customized messages. Users can automate messages based on the specific question a customer is asking, the information they seek, waiting time elapsed, and availability. This feature greatly reduces the burden on staff to respond to every single message. It also assures a timely response even if your support people are overwhelmed with other tasks. Based on a customer profile, your interactions can be personalized to acknowledge wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and other unique milestones. This adds a level of personalization that helps to cement trust and may also provide a CTA to the recipient.

2. Personalize the User Experience

Consumers benefit from two-way interaction between companies and their customers since it allows them to have a more personalized experience. This decreases the likelihood of drop-off, enhances engagement, and piques the customer’s curiosity. Communication through WhatsApp also allows firms to differentiate themselves by providing a unique after-sales experience, including monitoring updates to customer feedback.

3. Cross-Selling

As soon as a direct channel of communication has been established between a business and its customer, WhatsApp can be utilized by the business to offer product upgrades or bundled products in connection with potential or completed purchases. These suggestions might range from advocating more services to recommending alternative things of superior performance or quality than the original item.

4. Make Use of Multimedia and Voice Communication

To assist your consumers, you can use WhatsApp to share geolocations, send purchase confirmations, photos, and audios, and receive videos.

Videos and memes effectively inform customers about future events or new items, leaving a lasting impression on their thoughts. However, memes, videos, and audio snippets should be succinct and to the point. Additionally, you can try using WhatsApp’s new product catalogue feature, which is advantageous if you do not have a website. Create a WhatsApp product catalogue for your consumers to view up to 500 goods. They may contact you with questions about your product. You may also provide a link to the whole product catalogue and additional distribution channels if you choose.

Lastly, implement a WhatsApp video/voice call communication system to enhance engagement with new clients and address customer service issues. When clients communicate with you through video or audio chat, they get a more personalized experience, which boosts the likelihood of upselling. Reap the advantages of WhatsApp by delivering the correct voice messages to the right consumers at the right time, determining which voice campaigns work for you, and optimizing further for a greater customer experience.

5. Segment Your Audience to Provide Them With More Personalized Experiences

Using the WhatsApp Labels feature to segment your audience is a wonderful approach to guarantee that your users have a more personalized experience on your platform. Why? Because there are likely to be varying user demographics, one marketing message may not be as effective as another in reaching them. It is critical to provide the greatest possible user experience!

Final Words

In short, to retain current customers while also extending your customer base, WhatsApp Marketing is a smart method to cut down on acquisition expenditures. Consider taking advantage of this excellent, low-cost platform to improve your sales and income. WhatsApp Business offers exceptional levels of consumer engagement and the fostering of long-term ties with customers. A quick reply can assist in developing confidence and greatly enhance conversions. WhatsApp marketing can be personalized with numerous possibilities for specialized communications such as welcome messages followed by birthday greetings and incentive points.

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