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Q: What products or services do you sell?

NINJIO offers cybersecurity awareness training and simulated phishing. Our solutions engage and educate users to create a healthy skepticism about online interactions. This is so they can keep their companies safer from online threats like ransomware, phishing, and other social engineering attacks.

Q: What is NINJIO known for?

NINJIO is known for its animated 3-4 minute microlearning episodes that each focus on a specific cyberthreat, teaching viewers how to identify it, avoid it, and keep companies safe from hacks. NINJIO’s American Anime style of animation is known for its visual excitement that engages viewers in the first few seconds. Our episodes feature Hollywood-style storytelling, each written by a member of the Writers Guild of America who has written or directed over 72 episodes of CSI:NY and Hawaii 5-0. We also feature famous actors like Jon Lovitz, Stacey Keach, Robert Davi, and Joey Lawrence. This ensures that each “mini-movie” is interesting as well as educational. Each NINJIO episode is based on a recent real-life hack. When viewers see a NINJIO episode, they often think, “Wait, didn’t I just hear about this happening?” This is part of why NINJIO’s educational methodology works so well.

NINJIO’s educational approach is based on the science of how adults learn. We use the same case study approach as leading graduate schools, with each episode featuring one clear issue, a step-by-step examination of how the issue happened, how to avoid it in the future, and simple steps that an individual takes to stay safe online.

NINJIO also offers a simulated phishing platform that allows security professionals to reinforce learning with tests to ensure that lessons then become applied. With an available managed service phishing offering, NINJIO is a simple, turn-key solution for small and medium-sized businesses that are likely to have more needs from their security department than people to fulfill them. NINJIO’s DOJO platform combines the deployment of NINJIO training and simulated phishing for ease of use, reporting, and automation with opportunities for unlimited customization of phishing tests.

Q: How did NINJIO start?

NINJIO started as an idea from its founder, Zack Schuler. Zack had started and grown a managed services IT business. He saw over and over that many of his (often small business) customers kept receiving hacks. Ultimately because someone made a simple mistake. Frustrated, Zack saw no effective solutions existed to drive safer online behavior among end users. So, he decided to start his own.

He connected with a college friend who was a successful television writer and exceptionally talented animator. They began season one of NINJIO. Zack is now a board member, and the company is led by Dr. Shaun McAlmont, an acclaimed leader in adult learning. He built on Zack’s foundation and employed proven cognitive science techniques to drive even better behavior change outcomes from the NINJIO approach.

Q: Tell us about the importance of DCOYA acquisition by NINJIO.

DCOYA is the leading simulated phishing solution in Israel. It has developed novel ways to assess and help end users be safer online. DCOYA’s combination of behavioral science and a personalization approach helps identify specific attack vectors. To these, each individual is susceptible. So, it delivers educational content that speaks specifically to those areas of improvement. This data, combined with DCOYA’s machine learning-based reporting and assessments, allows companies to predict risky behavior and avoid it, rather than managing incidents after they happen.

Together with NINJIO’s industry-leading content and training, the combined solution offers companies both proactive training and proactive simulated phishing to engage, educate, and avoid risky behavior.

Q: In what ways does this help small businesses?

The hardest hit by modern hackers often includes small businesses. Typically underfunded and understaffed for cybersecurity, SMBs are where hackers find ample opportunities for “quick wins”. But, most SMBs simply cannot afford to be hacked from a budgetary, reputational, or time standpoint.

Additionally, SMBs typically lack ample support for their IT or cybersecurity teams, which are often one and the same. NINJIO’s white glove managed service approach and low cost means that we become a force multiplier for in-house teams that typically rely on NINJIO to deploy training, simulated phishing, user management, and reporting. This allows internal teams to focus on other areas of cybersecurity.

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