Tech Resources for Business Success: How to Get Started

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Are you a freelancer, solopreneur, or small business owner? If so, you are likely always on the go, with a seemingly never-ending to-do list. So, if you’ve been feeling intimidated by managing all your responsibilities, Smallbiz Technology has you covered. Below, we share essential tech resources that can help you level up your business game today.

Software and Software Developers for Business Protection

You can be on top of all aspects of business operations, but if you’re not taking measures to protect your business, you may be at risk.

  • Cybersecurity tech. According to Savvy Security, you can prevent malware attacks and cyber security breaches by ensuring your business is set up against all kinds of risks.
  • Project management tools. Trello and Zoho help users by keeping responsibilities, tasks, and events in one place. This can help prevent silly mistakes that may cost the business long-term.
  • Payment tools. Platforms like Stripe and PayPal help process payments while offering user protection and security.
  • Outsource software developers. Many businesses utilize job sites to hire freelance cybersecurity specialists tasked with developer resources. So, if you are tasked with developer resources, start by reviewing software developers online, then select a few for interviews to gauge their level of expertise.

Tools to Support Your Backend

An optimized and efficient backend also means a well-oiled business machine. Here are the best backend tools to invest in.

  • HR management. HR management tools like GoCo offer payroll advantages, shift scheduling, and more for employee management.
  • Accounting software. Software like QuickBooks Online is favored by small businesses as it tracks expenses, income, claims, and invoicing.
  • Communication and collaboration. Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent option for file sharing, instant chatting, and calendar organizing.

Tech for Marketing Your Business

Also, marketing your business is critical for increasing brand exposure and boosting sales. Here are some tech resources to help with marketing.

  • Logo designer. A cohesive logo can help increase brand recall and identification. Likewise, use a free custom logo design and download tool to create a logo easily.
  • Email marketing. A provider like MailChimp helps keep your email subscribers up to date on special offers, promos, and business happenings.
  • CRM software. Additionally, customer relationship management tools like HubSpot improve engagement and employee relationships.

So, are you ready to start crushing your business goals? If so, these tech tools will help! Start leveraging the power of tech to boost productivity, operations, and of course, revenue for business success today!

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