A SmallBizTechnology Interview with Jotform and Steve Hartert

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Q: First, can you tell us a bit about Jotform and its mission?

People use Jotform every day, especially our solopreneurs and SMBs who use Jotform to manage data, including customer information and sales. People use Jotform to cut down on administrative time and speed up processes. For instance, prior to Jotform, one of our customers used to use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of customer orders and information, and doing so was tedious and time-consuming. When the pandemic hit, their business needed to scale quickly, so they began using Jotform to digitally transform business processes and scale to keep up with an influx in sales.

Q: What are the different ways in which Jotform assists small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?

Jotform helps small and medium-sized businesses scale operations by helping them digitally collect, organize and visualize critical data/information. No longer do people have to manually input data collected over the phone or in person. And it all starts with the online form.

Q: Tell us about Steve Hartert’s, VP of Sales Operations at Jotform, background.

I’ve been at Jotform since 2016 and have worn many hats. I have decades of experience in sales and marketing and received my MBA from Cal State Bernardino.

Q: How does Steve see inflation and supply chain issues impacting SMBs for the holiday season?

SMBs and solopreneurs are expected to see a massive influx of sales of products and services this holiday season, which is great but inflation and supply chain issues are still creating challenges for businesses. Online shopping continues to grow at a rapid pace and consumers see online as the default, and brick and mortar as secondary shopping options.

Q: Is there anything SMBs can do to work through these issues and optimize their businesses and sales?

To help manage inflation and supply chain issues, SMBs and solopreneurs should look for tech that can help them streamline business processes that quickly fit into workflows, and also boost productivity and cut costs. For instance, with Jotform, SMBs and solopreneurs can scale sales. They do this by expanding online and using online forms to collect orders and manage data. They can also manage customer information with our Tables feature and collect signatures using Sign.

Q: What else would you like us to know?

Jotform is a non-stop shop platform that SMBs and solopreneurs can use to scale sales and operations.

Move everything online to boost productivity and cut costs spent on administrative time. It starts with an online form that customers fill out. But from there, SMBs and solopreneurs can stay organized with the data collected using Jotform Tables and can keep track of orders too!

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