What Is GTE Technology, and Why Are Billionaires Investing in It?

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Let’s get to it. GTE Technology is “Global Token Exchange” Technology. This is essentially a platform from “Finance Guru” (hope that doesn’t hurt his appeal) Jeff Brown, who coined the term. He owns Brownstone Research – a “technology research firm.”

The Appeal of GTE Technology

The appeal of GTE Technology is as follows: most standard transactions require an objective third party, either a broker or a bank, etc. However, GTE uses a database that allows for fast, liquid transactions to be operated between two individuals. The database operates in current-time, with transparency. Once each deal has been finalized it is published and non-reversible, clearing it as an unobtrusive, and secure brokerage opportunity.

While this system uses Tokenization, a key for independent trading, it is similar, albeit different to the Non-Fungible Token. Which again, is also yet another form of decentralized government birthed from Blockchain technology.

Okay. So what does that mean? Essentially it means that there is an international market of people looking to “tokenize” commodities for mass division and decentralized ownership. Think of it as “stock” in a product or item.

Tokens and GTE Technology

The primary purpose of using tokens is to increase liquidity and make easier exchanges. Additionally, it will make it easier to handle larger amounts of exchanges. This combined with the database allows for fast, extremely liquid exchanges and money to rapidly trade hands.

Beyond this, and similar to Stock Options, there exists the automated smart contract. This allows for easy exchanges to be made whenever an agreed set of already agreed-to circumstances has been met.

It is helpful to cut out intermediaries and have more transparency. This way there is a faster and more solid grasp of what is being exchanged for what. Additionally, how quickly and seamlessly it can be done. In the long run, this can save massive amounts of capital for businesses and individuals running an immense amount of deals and transactions through what would be significantly more devisable and shrouded intermediary services at often slower times. Beyond this, as each token is “minted” in the system its information is always secure and easily on-call, protecting your rights and what you own with ease.

GTE Technology and the Blockchain

According to “Media Foundation” the GTE token has a full supply of 1,000,000,000 total tokens. There will be a breakdown of the token distribution as follows:

  • During the token sale, the company will sell 50% of the total supply.
  • The team and early investors will reserve 20% of the total supply.
  • A reserve fund will hold 15% of the total supply.
  • Additionally, 10% of the total supply will be utilized to incentivize platform users.
  • 5% of the total supply will fund marketing and partnerships.

The GTE Technology runs on the blockchain, which is better as it maintains a complete list of every data point ever accumulated. This goes with how the data is stored, the best metaphor being that the current Database Structure functions as a User operated Table.

This means a human operator that needs to be acting in good faith and a Tabletop with limited total storage. The blockchain connects functionality without a human operator, making everything completely operable and 100% transparent as well as logging all the data in “blocks” “chained” together.


With the internet, automation, and AI pushing the arena further away from the land-locked geo-political bound idea of money, faster, cleaner transactions from a transparent and mathematically perfect entity will become more and more necessary – and common as time passes. Ensure that you have at least a good understanding of the methodology behind the technology so that you can comprehend what is happening around you as software and platforms, such as GTE Technology, become more prevalent over time.

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