Venture Capital Bias: Women-Owned Businesses Struggle

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Capital Bias

Emerging evidence depicts a gross gender inequality issue in venture capital, with businesses founded by women receiving less than 3% of the entire sector’s venture capital in 2023.

Despite multiple equality measures, the venture capital scene remains tilted towards male-owned ventures. This continuous gender bias means women-run businesses don’t gain the crucial resources needed to grow.

Highlighting this issue was Fullcast, a business software firm that recently secured $34 million from 30 diverse female investors. This move signifies a potential shift towards gender equality in venture capital.

An industry insider suggests that unintentional personal preferences might ultimately feed this inequality, asserting that people tend to favor individuals akin to themselves.

Amy Cook, a co-founder at Fullcast, puts a spotlight on the company’s focus on diversity. Cook cites her own experience as a tech executive and diverse professional network as reasons behind her success in attracting varied investors.

Ryan Westwood, another co-founder, is praised for his dedication to enhancing company culture and promoting inclusivity. His leadership promotes equal opportunity and supports the cultivation of female talent. As we move into 2022, Westwood intends to further reinforce these initiatives.

Whitney Johnson, a Fullcast investor and head of a tech talent development business, underscores Fullcast’s commitment to diversity as a primary reason behind her investment decision.

Reflecting Fullcast’s successful fundraising, this story indicates a positive shift towards diversity in venture capital, challenging persistent biases. Continuation of this trend would pave the way for revolutionary ideas and broader perspectives, establishing an inclusive growth model and a richer startup community.

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