Apple partners with Chinese AI experts for iOS 18 update

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Chinese Apple Partnership

Apple is reportedly entering into an AI-focused partnership in China in anticipation of the forthcoming iOS 18 update. This potential collaborative effort with Chinese AI experts intends to enhance the functionality of the next iOS iteration with advanced AI capabilities. These negotiations occur amidst ongoing license talks with Google around its Gemini models.

Apple is also exploring potential joint initiatives with OpenAI. The main goal of these explorations is to meet Apple’s Chinese customers’ AI service needs in line with Chinese law. Legal procedures necessitate regulatory approval before implementing any new AI service in China.

Thus far, Apple has managed to get over 40 models, including Ernie Bot, approved under Chinese laws. This evidence of compliance showcases Apple’s efforts to expand its offerings to meet the varying needs of consumers and respect the operational procedures of different countries.

However, despite Google’s Gemini model’s potential, it has not yet been approved by Chinese authorities. This situation highlights the company’s restricted access to the Chinese market and the limitations enforced by regulatory laws and censorship. Current restrictions hinder novel technological adoptions like Google’s Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, thereby emphasizing the larger issue of digital accessibility for tech companies in the Chinese market.

At this moment, Apple has yet to finalise any contracts with AI service providers. Still, negotiations are ongoing, with an agreement anticipated before the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

The upcoming iOS 18 update is set to integrate numerous novel AI features, with tasks divided between on-device performance and cloud-based models for peak efficiency. It’s likely that all iPhone users will have access to this software update by September, and it is also expected to be preloaded on the new iPhone 16 series.

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