Arctic Ice: Luxury Ice Harvest Draws Environmental Criticism

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Arctic Luxury

Greenland-based startup Arctic Ice, known for harvesting old glacier ice for use in high-end cocktails in Dubai has elicited environmental concerns. Critics claim the practice accelerates glacial melting and disrupts local ecosystems, despite company proponents arguing it’s supporting Greenland’s economy and repurposing otherwise melting ice.

The company sources the “purest and oldest” ice from drifting icebergs in Greenland, approximately 4,730 miles away from Dubai. The iceberg fragments are then shipped in chilled containers to Dubai, where they’re melted down into premium drinking water.

Arctic Ice claims minimal environmental impact from their ice collection method, which involves gathering naturally adrift icebergs. They assert their process avoids damaging the polar regions through man-made extraction methods. Furthermore, the company notes their patented method results in higher-quality ice, naturally filtered over myriad years.

Defending their operations, the company argues their process helps stave off sea level rise by preventing melting icebergs from contributing to surging levels. Every shipment undergoes a thorough third-party inspection for harmful microbes or bacteria, and the company has developed a unique system to curb potential negative maritime ecosystem impacts. The icebergs are then transformed into potable water with any remaining ice returned to sea.

As part of their environmental responsibility, Arctic Ice uses existing shipping routes and minimizes per-container CO2 emissions while ensuring the purity of their ice remains unaffected by human activity. The implementation of these and other measures helps the company reduce its carbon emissions.

Despite the company’s mitigation strategies, it nevertheless faces criticism for endorsing what critics argue to be an unsustainably and environmentally detrimental business model. Critics point out iceberg fragmentation and fossil fuel-powered transportation as contributing to global warming. However, Arctic Ice insists their business operations follow stringent environmental procedures and that they don’t exacerbate ice melt. They plan to explore more energy-efficient transportation methods to further decrease their carbon footprint.

Despite growing criticism, Arctic Ice stands by the quality of their product, claiming its unparalleled purity, clarity, and neutral flavor. The future of this high-end resource will likely continue to be a point of debate between luxury pursuit and environmental sustainability.

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