Vivo enters foldable phone market with new releases

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Vivo is stepping into the foldable phone market with its latest releases, the X Fold 3 and the X Fold 3 Pro, aimed to challenge Samsung’s dominance in the sector. With cutting-edge technology at its forefront, Vivo plans to stir the market and offer consumers more choice in this rapidly evolving segment. It is expected that these novel devices will resonate with tech-savvy consumers, establishing a solid footprint for Vivo in the foldable phone industry.

The Vivo X Fold 3 Pro, Vivo’s flagship for this year, boasts a 5,700mAh battery, a 6.53-inch OLED cover screen, an 8.03-inch OLED foldable inner screen, and a 108-megapixel main camera. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 888 Plus chip and features a 32-megapixel front camera, perfect for capturing quality selfies or hosting video conferences. With its 5G compatibility, this device promises high-speed internet browsing and smoother user experience.

Despite sporting a streamlined design, the Pro variant offers striking camera features, including two 32MP front-facing cameras, and a 50MP main camera. The Pro variant also features a 6.7-inch OLED display, encased in a sleek metal frame.

Vivo’s foray into foldable phone industry

The device is equipped with a robust 5000mAh battery and dual speakers, offering a great audio experience. With a wide range of storage options from 128GB to 1TB, the Pro variant meets various storage needs.

Vivo caters to budget-conscious consumers with the X Fold 3 model. Though powered by the slightly less powerful Snapdragon 870 chipset, the X Fold 3 remains an attractive choice for consumers seeking affordable foldable smartphones. The model maintains a booklike fold design, ensuring easy single-handed operation, and includes a side-mounted fingerprint scanner for quick access.

The X Fold 3 and X Fold 3 Pro position Vivo to pose a significant challenge in the foldable phone market, directly competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5. Both new Vivo devices offer superior camera capabilities and impressive battery life, with especially designed night mode for better low-light photography, along with innovative software optimization for enhanced battery efficiency.

The Vivo foldable phones are characterized by their refined, lightweight design and larger rear camera sensors, delivering high-quality image capture. Vivo’s bold move in the folding phone market will inevitably command significant industry attention.

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