5 Reasons to Always Buy a Strong Case to protect your iPad

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No matter how often you use your iPad, you probably don’t consider each time a potential disaster, but there’s a chance you might drop it at any given time. Whether you’re pulling it out of a bag or picking it up to use, the possibility of dropping your iPad and cracking the screen (or worse) is real. If just knowing you might bust your iPad isn’t enough, here are some of the best reasons to get a durable iPad case to protect your iPad right away.

1. Accidents happen

The first and most obvious reason to protect your iPad with a durable case is that accidents happen. They’re often unpredictable and unstoppable once set in motion. For example, if you bring your iPad on a road trip and someone tries to grab it out of your hand, it might go flying out the window. This seems like an extreme example, but it happens to people.

Other accidents involve people carelessly tossing their iPads into the air and trying to catch them with one hand. Sometimes, people fumble and lose their grip when taking their iPads out of a bag. The whole point about accidents is that you can’t see them coming, and your first line of protection will always be having a case on your iPad.

In tests using quality cases, a naked iPad never makes it past a couple of drops before the screen shatters. On the other hand, an iPad protected by a durable case can withstand many drops. The type of case to avoid is the magnetic folio-style case. They’re thin, lightweight, and look nice, but your iPad will still get dinged and scratched around the sides in a drop. If it opens during the fall, you could see worse damage.

2. It’s common to drop an iPad

All the YouTube videos of people dropping iPads on purpose aside, it’s quite common to accidentally drop an iPad. Like any device, they can slip through your fingers and if someone bumps into you, it can jolt your iPad out of your hands.

Replacing screens is possible, but it still costs money. Besides, you might damage your hard drive and have to replace your whole device. The unpredictable nature of drops makes a durable iPad case a great investment.

3. Your friends might not take care of your iPad

If you ever decide to loan your iPad to a friend, you can’t guarantee they’ll treat it as if it were their own. People can be careless, even with their belongings. Additionally, when a friend has your iPad, it’s also subject to accidents caused by other people in their house, including guests. It’s risky to loan it out if a case doesn’t protect your iPad.

4. You can’t control children

Kids aren’t as controllable as we’d like them to be, and that means if you leave your iPad alone for even a minute with kids in the house, you may not have a working iPad for long.

Here are just some of the various ways kids can destroy iPads on accident:

There are far too many ways children can accidentally ruin your iPad. You can’t prevent all of them, but you can mitigate the potential for physical damage by keeping it protected in a strong case.

5. You can’t control pets

Pets are just as unpredictable as children; you can’t wholly control their behavior. They may know the basic commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘heel,’ but when your dogs are free to play in the house, it’s only a matter of time before your iPad becomes involved in their shenanigans.

For example, if you set your iPad down on the couch, it might seem safe until your dogs start chasing each other around the house and land on the couch, catapulting your iPad to the floor. Whether it’s a carpeted or hardwood floor, there’s a chance your iPad’s screen might break in the fall, even if it’s barely a foot to the ground. The only way to prevent this is by having a protective case.

A well-protected iPad will save you money

If you protect your iPad with a strong case, it will save you money in the long run. In most cases, you won’t have to replace a cracked screen or get a new device if you accidentally drop it. iPads are expensive, so keep yours well-protected.


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