Apple’s iPad Pro upgrade delayed due to production issues

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iPad Pro Delay

The much-anticipated iPad Pro upgrade from Apple has been delayed owing to production constraints linked to its new screen technology. Originally slated for a November launch last year, unforeseen problems led to an unavoidable postponement. The tech giant, renowned for their high-quality standards, assures users that measures are being taken to speed up the process without compromising on quality.

The delay primarily stems from Apple’s struggle to maintain high yield rates for its innovative display. This groundbreaking technology has proved challenging to produce at volume, contributing significantly to the ongoing holdup.

To meet its quality standards, Apple is working alongside Samsung and LG to produce new 11-inch and 13-inch panels.

iPad Pro upgrade: Delay due to production challenges

Of the two, Samsung appears to be grappling with meeting Apple’s quality expectations, a factor contributing to the delay. Concurrently, LG remains a key collaborator, and the joint efforts are aimed at delivering a product that lives up to customers’ expectations from Apple.

Low yield levels, primarily from Samsung, have reportedly become an issue due to the advanced technology and variable production techniques. As a result, Apple has transferred some 11-inch panel orders from Samsung to LG, leading to LG now expected to supply about 60% of the total panel requirements for both the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models.

The complex manufacturing processes required for Apple’s new display technology have reportedly caused problems for supplier’s teams, contributing to delays. Experts predict a potential May release for the iPad Pro models, just a month before the eagerly awaited WWDC 2024 event where Apple traditionally announces updates to its product range.

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