Big data firm Onum raises $28 million in first funding

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Onum Big Data

Signalit Technology S.L., also known as Onum, a leading company in big data observability, recently raised $28 million in its first funding round. This round was led by Dawn Capital with notable investments from Kibo Ventures and Insight Partners. This funding milestone, impressive given it came just a year after Onum’s official 2023 launch, will be used to further expand its presence in the big data observability field.

Onum has developed a smart system that enhances organizations’ control over their data. It provides real-time data management and minimizes data sent to analytics tools, effectively reducing the risk of data leakage. This translates into better data privacy for organizations. By offering accessible, actionable data insights, Onum empowers decision-makers to make data-driven decisions for optimal business results.

The company’s user-friendly product offers key benefits such as improved data management, data reduction, and data enrichment. It separates valuable data from daily operational data, leading to reduced storage and analysis costs.

Boosting Onum’s growth with $28 million funding

Onum’s state-of-the-art platform allows for automated data processing, freeing up resources for higher-priority tasks.

Additionally, Onum’s solid security measures help protect sensitive business data from potential threats—a crucial aspect for organizations operating in data-rich environments. The platform is scalable and works well for both small startups and large corporations, giving all companies a chance to leverage their data for market advantage.

Onum’s platform also utilises AI to monitor data flow, swiftly identifying valuable business insights. It is fully compatible with any data analytics tool and storage platforms, enabling real-time data capture, processing and analysis. The platform’s advanced data encryption further secures sensitive information from potential threats. Its intuitive interface makes it practical for businesses of various sizes and sectors regardless of technical expertise.

The company has the capacity to source data from varied inputs and formats, extracting the useful information and making it accessible. Onum’s use of cutting-edge technology for in-depth analysis seeks to enhance businesses’ decision-making processes and overall performance. Strong data security measures ensure the confidentiality of all processed information.

Onum co-founder and CEO, Pedro Castillo, is confident that the new funding will bolster the company’s global growth, increase R&D, and satisfy customer demands. Dawn Capital partner Henry Mason also speaks highly of Onum’s capabilities and how they advance their market offerings.

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