Gastonia resident charged for misusing pandemic aid loans

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"Pandemic Aid Misuse"

Kelly Bree Mosley, a resident of Gastonia, has been charged with misusing COVID-19 aid loans for personal expenses. These loans, originally allocated to aid struggling businesses during the pandemic, were dishonestly obtained by Mosley amounting to approximately $125,000.

The U.S. District Attorney’s Office have confirmed that Mosley acquired funds from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) through falsified documents and misinformation.

The special investigations revealed the misdirected use of funds for personal expenses, a clear violation of the PPP and EIDL guidelines, culminating in severe legal consequences for Mosley. This serves as a stern warning to those who might consider exploiting government programs with fraudulent intentions.

Mosley is accused of making false claims about operating an event management business, including gross earnings, payroll expenses, operational costs, and employee numbers for deceitful loan acquisition. Through these lies, she highlighted the gross profit, salary expenses, operating expenditures, and manipulated the number of employees to her advantage.

It has been disclosed by the District Attorney’s Office that Mosley outrightly disregarded the law by giving false statements under oath.

Gastonia resident’s fraudulent pandemic aid usage

She now faces serious federal charges that will be a testament to the severity of her disruptive actions.

These proceedings lay bare the serious consequences of such offences including hefty fines or prolonged incarceration. Therefore, it is vitally important for everyone to respect the legal system in order to avoid such grave consequences.

This situation draws attention to the necessity of honesty and integrity, especially when dealing with relief funds meant for people affected by the pandemic. Misuse of such resources can lead to trust erosion in important relief measures, emphasizing ethical accountability and transparency.

Currently, the court proceedings are underway to determine the severity of Mosley’s fraudulent actions. As the investigation unfolds, the extent of Mosley’s deception becomes clear. This emphasises the critical role of law enforcement agencies within our society and the substantial penalties offenders may face.

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