Sony set to launch diverse Bravia TV range

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Bravia TV Launch

Sony is gearing up to launch 16 new television sets under its prestigious Bravia brand. These range from innovative mini-LED to traditional LED and OLED models, demonstrating a blend of high-end technology and diverse design approaches.

Unique to the Sony televisions is their integration with Google TV and inclusion of HDMI 2.1 support. They also come equipped with a “cognitive intelligence” feature to elevate the overall viewing experience.

The Bravia line targets to redefine at-home entertainment, promising excellent picture-and-sound quality and dedicated streaming options for platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Particular attention this year has been given to the four Mini-LED models. The Bravia 9, 8, and 7 models are powered by Sony’s XR processor, guaranteeing top-tier image quality, whereas the Bravia 3 model uses the X1 processor, resulting in a simpler design without compromising on performance.

Google TV, hailed as one of the best TV operating systems, is seamlessly incorporated across the 2024 Bravia line.

Sony’s diverse new Bravia TV lineup

This enables direct access to Google Assistant on the TV screen and easy connection with Google Home and Android phones.

Besides facilitating personalized TV experiences, the integration allows casting of mobile device screens onto the Bravia televisions. This elevates the overall user experience and broadens the scope of smart television functionality.

Also noteworthy is the compatibility of the new Bravia models with prevalent media formats like Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced. Catering particularly to PlayStation 5 users, they also pair well with Bravia audio accessories such as soundbars.

With advanced calibration mode, users can effortlessly fine-tune picture settings based on their preferences. Additionally, these energy-efficient TVs are designed for longevity, guaranteeing quality entertainment for years.

For those interested, the top-end Bravia 9 model starts from $3,299 for a 65-inch, with the budget-friendly Bravia 3 series starting at $599. The Bravia 7 and 3 series are currently available for pre-order.

With Sony’s continued pursuit of innovation, potential buyers can look forward to an enhanced, personalized, and high-quality entertainment experience uniquely offered by the new Bravia line.

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