Apple to integrate generative AI in iPhones

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Generative AI Apple

Apple Inc. is said to be on the verge of incorporating generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its iPhone products. This follows increased speculation of this deal, which has driven up the company’s share value.

The AI feature is set to be launched in the forthcoming IOS 18 version of Apple’s iPhone operating system. The details of this development will be revealed at the upcoming Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which is penned in for June 10th.

In addition to the AI for iPhone, the corporation is also discussing further integration of AI technology into its other services. A move towards AI could streamline operations and boost user satisfaction, confirming Apple’s willingness to lead in innovative tech practices.

According to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, in a recent conference call the transformative nature of AI, and Apple’s ability to perfectly blend it with their hardware, software and services could give the brand a clear edge.

Integrating generative AI into iPhones

Cook emphasized that AI is not just a feature but a fundamental part of their strategy.

As a reaction to these plans, Apple witnessed a surge in its share price by 1.8%, closing at $186.28. Industry experts suggest that the integration of AI into the upcoming iPhone series could sway customers to upgrade their devices.

There is potential for Apple to earn revenue from AI as a service through a subscription model. Nevertheless, skeptics argue that an AI-oriented agreement will not significantly alter the investment potential of Apple’s stocks.

The company’s shares have consistently performed well, particularly post the May 2 conference. During the rise, Apple revealed its new M1-powered devices, a development that could redefine the tech industry. As a result, Apple has seen a major uptick in its market value, delighting its shareholders and positively impacting the broader technology stocks.

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