Apple’s iPad pro ad stirs arts community controversy

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"Arts Community Controversy"

Apple Inc. is currently in the middle of a controversy due to an ad for the latest iPad Pro which has offended many within the arts community. This ad, featuring professional creative equipment being crushed by a hydraulic press, received criticism for belittling the importance of traditional art tools.

A significant portion of Apple’s consumer base, including artists and designers, expressed disappointment and argued that the advert undermined the value of traditional creative tools. Despite explanations from Apple’s public relations team that their intention was to highlight the iPad Pro’s creative capabilities, the debate continues, overshadowing the product’s launch.

“Crush”, as the advertisement was named, portrayed the slim iPad Pro as a complete replacement for various creative tools. It showcased the tablet’s sleek design and features, and was set to the song “All I Ever Need Is You” by Sonny and Cher to add a touch of nostalgia to the modern tech presentation.

Many creative professionals, however, pointed out the irony of the ad, comparing it to Apple’s famous 1984 Ad, which celebrated humanity’s victory over technology.

iPad Pro ad causing arts community unrest

The new commercial, they argue, implies that technology is superior to human creativity. This sentiment grows from a fear that their skills are being undervalued by tech companies.

This controversy comes as Apple’s flagship products have been linked to the decline of traditional industries such as the standalone camera market. A significant drop in demand for single-purpose cameras was observed after the introduction of the iPhone’s inbuilt camera in 2007, and innovative camera technologies in later Apple products affirmed this trend.

In response to the backlash, Marketing VP, Tor Myhren, admitted that Apple had “missed the mark”. While asserting the company’s belief in user creativity, he agreed that the execution of the advertisement could have been improved to better communicate this respect. Despite the apology, the controversial ad remains accessible online, even though Apple has chosen not to air it on television.

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